Every Superhero Movie That Was Supposed To Release In 2018 (But Didn't)

Captain Marvel

Another movie to be delayed by Marvel's Phase 3 date shifts was Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios originally scheduled the movie to hit theaters July 2018, making it the first film to come out right after Avengers: Infinity War. This changed when Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man & the Wasp was added to the docket, pushing it to early 2019.

It's not known if this shift led to any other changes. Carol Danvers was reportedly set to have a small appearance in Infinity War at one point, so her removal (other than a post-credits tag) may have necessitated a change. This was very early on though, prior to Brie Larson being cast in the lead role or Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck signing on to direct. All three have now finished production and the marketing campaign is about to kick off. First images have now debuted and plot details are starting to be revealed. Instead of coming out straight after Avengers: Infinity War, the film will now be the direct lead in to Avengers 4 - where Captain Marvel is going to change the balance of power.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Fox only released one Marvel-based movie this year, but they originally had plans for three. One of the films that missed out was X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The film serves as the continuation of Fox's relaunched X-Men franchise (and timeline), with long-time-producer-but-first-time-director Simon Kinberg retelling the Dark Phoenix Saga correctly with Sophie Turner leading way as Jean Grey.

Fox previously set the release date as November 2nd of this year, but months before release it was delayed until early 2019. The cited reason is that Dark Phoenix is undergoing reshoots; there are varied reports on the length and significance of this additional photography, but it appears they were exacerbated by scheduling issues. The pickups only now taking place, and instead of rushing through them and the post-production work they'll need to meet the November date, Fox elected to push the release back. The cast remains optimistic this will benefit the movie, and hopefully it does so Fox's era of X-Men movies can close on a good note.

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New Mutants

Another one of Fox's not-so-long-ago planned 2018 releases was New Mutants. The movie previously was set for  an April 13 release date for this year, with Fox kicking off the marketing campaign with a teaser trailer in late 2017. That was before New Mutants became a troubled project though.

Instead of hitting its 2018 release, New Mutants was pushed back to February of 2019... until Fox delayed it again to next August to make way for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Like its bigger sibling, the film is scheduled to undergo reshoots that will reshape the story in major ways, going as far as to add new characters. Everyone involved believes this will be best for the movie, but plenty of skeptics still remain, and that won't change until New Mutants finally hits theaters.

Gambit, The Batman, & The Crow

While those are the superhero movies that actually had announced 2018 release dates, there are quite a few others that appeared to be on track for 2018 releases at different points in time. Channing Tatum's Gambit is one of them; it's been in development for years with multiple release dates set and missed, but for a time looked to be getting off the ground with director Doug Liman. Production was set to begin in 2017, which would ha Gambit a candidate for a 2018 release. Liman's one of several directors to leave the project, and at this time, there's no replacement for Gambit and thus no release date in sight.

Another superhero movie stuck in development (somehow) is The Batman. Back when Ben Affleck was attached to write, direct, and star, WB believed it would hit theaters in 2018. Affleck's involvement has almost completely vanished, leaving Matt Reeves to pick up the pieces and maybe get The Batman in shape to film next year for a 2020 release.

There's also The Crow, which is one of the most troubled films in development, superhero or otherwise. The reboot previously had Jason Momoa attached to star and under The Nun director Corin Hardy was targeting a 2017 start to production, which would easily put it on track for a 2018 release. That never happened and Momoa and Hardy have since left the project, once again leaving The Crow in a dour state.

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