2018's Superhero Movies: All 9 Ranked Worst To Best

Screen Rant ranks the best superhero movies of 2018, including everything from Avengers: Infinity War to Aquaman to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Superhero movies took audiences and the box office by storm in 2018, and that's what made ranking the best superhero movies of the year a bit challenging this time around. Over the years, superhero movies have become a cornerstone in the filmmaking industry, with every major Hollywood studio developing their own comic book adaptations. It's a trend that simply won't die out - and why should it? Superhero movies gross billions of dollars every year, and they've become go-to events.

In 2017, audiences saw the conclusion of Hugh Jackman's tenure as Wolverine in James Mangold's Logan (which became the first superhero movie to be nominated for an Oscar in a non-acting category) as well as the release of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, which made history for female-led superhero films by not only becoming one of the highest rated superhero films ever released but also one of the highest grossing superhero origin movies of all time.

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Then, in 2018, everything was taken to the next level with numerous groundbreaking releases that will change the landscape of the superhero genre going forward. All in all, nine superhero movies (including animated films) released in 2018, and here's Screen Rant's site ranking, which was determined by taking into account the editors' personal rankings.

9. Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Time Cycles Scene

Teen Titans Go!'s popularity is undeniable, which is why it was a smart decision on WB's part to ultimately a movie adaptation. Unfortuantely, despite Teen Titans Go! To The Movies hitting several high notes, including successfully adapting the cartoon's characters from television, the animated film failed to find itself in the sea of meta references and jokes it constantly made to the rest of the superhero genre. The thing is, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is actually quite good, but it's a mostly average movie that's easily forgotten once audiences have left the theater.

8. Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp being in second-to-last place on our list doesn't mean the movie is bad in any way whatsoever, but what it does mean is that Screen Rant's editors found it as a rather superfluous entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Peyton Reed's second installment in the MCU - a movie that stars Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp, which makes her the franchise's first actress to appear in a lead role - was certainly a fun ride, but it was a shadow of what it could've been. Unfortunately, Ant-Man and the Wasp suffered from using Marvel's formula - and the formula's shortcomings prevented the film from being elevated in the MCU's lineup.

7. Venom

Venom Movie Closeup

Venom is a strange movie. Sony Pictures spent several years developing a standalone adaptation after first dropping the ball with the villain in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. And, after finally getting off the ground with Ruben Fleischer directing and Tom Hardy starring as Eddie Brock, Venom finally released this year to overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. Interestingly, though, audiences were much more pleased with Venom, and that's because Venom isn't meant to be taken seriously. Sure, it has problems - but Venom's reviews misunderstood what the movie was; it's an average film with a lot of entertaining moments sprinkled throughout.

6. Incredibles 2

Perhaps one of the most anticipated movies in animation, Brad Bird's Incredibles 2 brings back the Parr family for another go-around on the big screen, and while it plays its cards to close to the chest, Incredibles 2 scored well with critics because it was everything that it needed to be. Unfortunately, that's all it was. While the long-awaited Incredibles sequel was certainly enjoyable from start to finish, it wasn't the groundbreaking flick that the first installment was. In the end, it was a wonderfully bland movie, something to be enjoyed by all families but not enough to top some of the other superhero movies that also released this year.

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