15 Superhero Deaths We Want to See in Movies & TV Shows

15 Superhero Deaths We Want in Movies and TV Shows

Though it's more than a little morbid, there's something elementally satisfying about a well-executed death scene. From the offscreen death of Bambi's mother to the grotesque bloodbath of the Red Wedding, portrayals of sudden death and dying have provided audiences with a curious mixture of shock, grief, and catharsis. These are often the scenes that stay with viewers long after the projector has stopped spinning.

Superheroes have never been strangers to death (Batman's first appearance ended with an evildoer getting dropped into a vat of acid, for instance), but it wasn't until recent decades that caped champions began to get killed off in greater numbers. As the superhero genre doesn't look to be relinquishing its stranglehold on the box office any time soon, we at Screen Rant have decided to gather up 15 examples of superhero deaths that we want to see in movies and TV.


Superman Funeral for a Friend Dan Jurgens

Yes, we know – they got better. In superhero comic books, death has become such a revolving door that the phenomenon of frequent resurrection has been treated by some writers as a running gag. These days, the death of any superhero – from big-name headliners to even one-off supporting characters – is almost always accompanied by the appropriate fandom rolling its eyes and beginning the countdown until the inevitable “Return of [Dead Hero]” story arc.

All this said, the following entries are ones that we at Screen Rant feel could translate well into film or television. Though they were likely later reversed by science or sorcery, each of the scenes could play out powerfully when translated for a wider audience.

Also, keep in mind that this list will contain SPOILERS for many comic book storylines – most of which are more than a decade old. Nonetheless, tread lightly if you truly want to be surprised by the Big Moments in several recent comics and graphic novels.


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