SR Pick: The Superhero Movie Chart

Superhero movies are a pretty big deal here at Screen Rant and debate about superhero movies is an even bigger deal. Whether it's a violent argument cordial disagreement over whether Iron Man was better than The Dark Knight, what the next Superman movie should be about or which actors should be cast as our favorite heroes onscreen - we tend to debate it all.

I guess our geektastic reputation is starting to precede us a bit, because someone thought it prudent to direct us to an online chart, which basically details the financial history of just about every major superhero-based movie ever released (at least the ones based in the Marvel and DC universes). The chart is pretty sweet, easy to follow and (best of all) chock-full of useful ammunition for geek-debates. The chart is broken down into ranges based on box office earnings, with little factoids like budget costs and records broken to help you truly understand just how successful (or not) some your more beloved (or hated) superhero movies have been. The chart comes from the website Koldcast Web TV Network, where you can read a great accompanying article tracking the development of superhero movies over the last two decades or so, ultimately resulting in the wildly lucrative cinematic sub-genre that we know and love today.

For our purposes here at SR, we thought we'd simply pass on the chart itself. Have a look:

Click image for full size chart

Head on over to Koldcast Web TV Network if you want to read the full article.

Like I said: great ammunition for your geek debates, right? And the trivia bits they throw in there will make you look pretty smart at your next Comic Con party. Kudos to Koldcast for putting this thing together. I have a strong feeling that we here at Screen Rant are going to be referencing this chart in our posts for a LONG time to come.

What did you think - cool chart, or do you know it all by heart already because you're just the (un)cool?

Source: Koldcast Web TV Network

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