15Hercules (Wonder Woman #31)

Hercules Death 2017

In many ways, Wonder Woman #31 served as a fresh start to the newest chapter of Diana Prince’s comics  journey. Without wasting much time, the narrative delves right into the action and knocks off a key character in the first few pages.

Under attack by Grail, the progeny of Darkseid himself,

Hercules quickly finds his demigod powers to be sorely lacking. Grail pummels him into submission, and though the famed son of Zeus doesn't go down without a fight, he ultimately succumbs to the less than holy Grail.

While it’s tough luck for the he-man from Mount Olympus, Hercules’ death proved to be a winning day for Diana, who quickly inherited the demigod’s estate. If nothing else, Wonder Woman #31 highlights the importance of having a will, even if you’re a superhero.

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