OK, this whole list could honestly just be women and some of the outlandishly exploitive costumes their creators stuff them into. It’s true that superhero comics have a long history of slapping a band-aid’s worth of material on their women and sending them out into combat (although that trend is

thankfully improving...a little). From Emma Frost’s bustier to the almost hilariously fragile getup worn by Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose, even the strongest super women were often no match for the male gaze.

We’ll limit ourselves to just a few of the most egregiously skimpy costumes on this list, and we’ll start with Marvel’s manic pixie dream ninja, Elektra. Clad in the traditional ninja garb of a red ribbon fluttering daintily between her legs (which themselves are decked out in anywhere between seven and thirty garters), Elektra’s role as a fierce assassin has always been at odds with her Playboy Bunny vibe, which looked just as stupid in Jennifer Garner’s 2005 live action movie as it does on the page. But let’s just be grateful she’s wearing the red costume, because it looks positively Puritan next to a white version she (thankfully) wore only once. To the credit of the minds behind Netflix's Daredevil series, Elodie Yung's Elektra costume pays nice tribute to its roots while still looking like a functional outfit for a ninja assassin.

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