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Christopher Reeve as Superman

One of the most drastic changes to Supergirl (1984) was the omission of the Man of Steel from the final script. Christopher Reeve was originally scheduled to make a cameo appearance as Kara’s (Helen Slater) cousin Superman, but he backed out of the project before cameras rolled. Director Jeannot

Szwarc called his departure a “mutual agreement.”

“There were two major sequences which involved Superman,” Szwarc said. “One of them was when she arrived on Earth – he welcomes her - and they fly together. And then later he loses his powers. He has become an old man. He has lost his immortality and he has lost his powers. And she goes and saves him. And through saving him gets the key to destroying the evil witch.”

Perhaps Superman’s inclusion could have steadied a rather shaky storyline or, at least, made it worth stomaching. “It had an impact on everything,” Szwarc continued. “I personally think it would have been a much richer film if Superman would have made an appearance.”

Helen Slater in Supergirl the movie
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