Supergirl: Second Worldkiller Suits Up in New Photo

Purity and Supergirl from Both Sides Now

Krys Marshall debuts our first look at her official costume as the second Worldkiller in Supergirl. The actress debuted in an earlier episode as Julia Freeman, who was eventually revealed as Purity, the second Worldkiller in season 3. Following the events of the midseason finale (and this photo), we only expect her to be more aggressive in furthering Reign's (Odette Annable) evil plans.

With its unconventional nine-week hiatus (to give way for DC's Legends of Tomorrow) coming to a close, Supergirl is coming back on people's radar. The show stayed under-the-radar for the last few weeks with the promise of nothing but good action and character progression when it returns with new episodes this April. While not your standard promo, the reveal of Purity's suit could be hinting that The CW is ready to unveil what the show has in store for fans via a series of marketing materials and spots.


Taking to her official Twitter account, Marshall shared a snap of her wearing her Worldkiller costume, making it our first official look at the villain's suit. The garb looks similar to Reign’s, but with brown details and without a cape. She also doesn't have a face mask to hide her day-to-day identity, unless, of course, she took it off for the fun photo op. Check it out below:

It's interesting that Supergirl will allow Marshall to tweet out the first official photo of Purity's costume considering that the Worldkillers are set to be important figures in the remaining episodes of season 3 (and maybe even beyond that). While there's nothing significantly new in her garb, it probably would've been a good marketing ploy to incorporate the reveal in promos for the much-anticipated return of the show or an officially released image like the first look at Reign's costume. Considering the actress' photo, it doesn't appear to be a random behind the scenes photo, one that doesn't have much significance in the show.

Reign and Purity's tandem is already quite a handful for Supergirl and the DEO to manage, but Kara and her crew need to prepare for an even more difficult battle when the third Worldkiller reveals herself. The show hasn't hinted at who she might be, but the recent casting of Hell on Wheels alum Angela Zhou as Dr. Grace Parker has led many to believe she could be the final member of the villainous trio. A character description of the newbie reveals that she's a brilliant National City surgeon who specializes in healing the sick and injured.

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Fans will have to wait a little while longer to find out whatever Reign and her two Worldkiller are up to as Supergirl continues with its hiatus, but it will return on Monday, April 16 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: Krys Marshall

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