Supergirl Video: Kara is Stressed About Her Nemesis' Return

Supergirl Season 2.5 Extended Trailer

In every comic book movie or TV show, one of the only characters possibly more important than the superhero is the supervillain. Superman has his Lex Luthor, Batman has the Joker, Spider-Man has the Green Goblin and so on and so forth. Each of these iconic arch-nemeses are the perfect foil or polar opposite of the main hero, and they go a long way to rounding out the hero's character while also challenging them on a regular basis. In many ways, they show what the hero is all about.

Supergirl has faced a number of bad guys since the series first started on CBS in 2015 before moving to The CW this past fall. From Red Tornado and Indigo, to Silver Banshee and Roulette, Kara Zor-El has been kept very busy. Yet over the course of two seasons, no formidable nemesis has really appeared. The closest we've come is probably Livewire, the former employee of CatCo who was struck by lightning last season. Or at least that's what Kara seems to think in this new clip from Monday's episode of Supergirl, titled "We Can Be Heroes," which will also be Livewire's third appearance on the show.

When we last saw Leslie Willis aka Livewire, she had been taken into custody and housed in a special cell at The Flash headquarters designed to contain metahumans. But after she breaks out, Supergirl is intent on capturing her with the help of a newly trained Mon-El. However, things go awry when Mon-El seems to be more interested in protecting Supergirl than the citizens of National City. And James Olsen finally has a heart-to-heart with Kara about how he's been spending his nights fighting crime. No wonder Kara is stressed out in the new clip with everything that's going on.

Supergirl Season 2 Leslie Willis Livewire Brit Morgan

Being a superhero is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun if you're the one who wins. There's also a lot of waiting as Kara soon realizes while she anticipates Livewire's next move. Having random baddies show up every once in a while unannounced is one thing, but having the same nemesis pop-up and target you all the time is quite another. In the clip, Kara complains to James, "I hate having a nemesis. Clark always makes it look like so much fun. Like you have a deadly pen pal you see once a year. But having a nemesis is stressful!" Sounds like Kara is still getting used to everything that being superhero entails.

As for who will be the big bad of this season, the jury is still out on the Luthors, Project Cadmus or something else we don't know about yet. We have yet to hear more since November about Kara and Alex's dad Jeremiah Danvers, who is still being held at Project Cadmus, but expect to see him again before the season is out. There are still 13 episodes to go in season 2, so who knows who else might show up.

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Supergirl continues Monday January 30 with ‘We Can Be Heroes’ at 8pm on The CW.

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