Supergirl is Casting a Young Superman

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CBS' Supergirl TV show continues to be a critical success in most venues, including our own. The series, among other things, is a demonstration that DC superhero programming doesn't need everything to be "dark and gritty" to remain emotionally compelling - something also exemplified by CW's The Flash (created by the same team behind Supergirl, fittingly enough).

One thing the series has done well is to make the long shadow cast by her cousin Superman part of Supergirl's (Melissa Benoist) character arc, while she finds her footing as a superhero. Yet many fans think it's only a matter of time before we see the Man of Steel take a prominent role on the series, more than the blurry silhouettes we've seen until now. Now it appears we may see Superman's face in early 2016... but it's not what you might think.

TVLine is reporting that CBS is seeking a young actor (around 13 years old) to play a younger version of the Man of Steel on the show. They specifically want someone with "future leading man looks." The part is a potentially recurring role on the Supergirl TV series, and TVLine had this explanation of the young Superman's role in the show:

"Lil’ Supes will first appear in this season’s 13th episode via a string of flashbacks that will establish the cherished bond between him and Kara."

Supergirl Premiere Easter Eggs

This intel may leave some people confused. If Kara and a 13-year-old Superman really do establish a "cherished bond," the timeline doesn't quite fit. We know, from the Supergirl pilot episode, that Kal-El (Superman) was a baby when his parents sent him to Earth, so he and Kara could not have interacted much on Krypton. And we know that Supergirl spent years in the Phantom Zone before arriving on Earth, by which time Kal-El had already grown up (almost certainly older than 13).

Perhaps the interaction between Kara and Kal-El won't be in a string of flashbacks at all, but instead a form of time travel. Or maybe the creators will retcon the story to make the ages work. Regardless, an established relationship between a young Kal-El and a young Kara would flesh out a very interesting side of Kara's character, especially since we've seen that she already has a close, familial relationship with Superman. Time will tell, but it will be nice to see Kara's relationship with the Man of Steel illuminated a bit more.

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Supergirl returns Monday @8pm with “Red Faced”.

Source: TVLine

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