'Supergirl' TV Show Pilot Has Finished Production

Supergirl TV show pilot finishes production

CBS is preparing to make a bid in the ongoing lucrative superhero TV show game with Supergirl - from Arrow and The Flash co-creator Greg Berlanti and The New Normal co-creator Adi Adler. Leaked photos from the Supergirl pilot set have so far provided an early look at supporting cast members like Mehcad Brooks (as Jimmy Olsen), to go along with the first official look at Melissa Benoist as Kara Denvers/Zor-El.

A better look at the Supergirl TV series lies just over the horizon, now that filming on the pilot has wrapped. The show, like fellow DC small screen adaptation The Flash, will need some fairly substantial visual effects magic - so that it might properly realize its namesake's super-powers. Which is to say, the pilot may require a fair amount of post-production work, before its potential as a series can really be properly evaluated (by both CBS executives and test audiences alike).

Arrow and The Flash director/cinematographer (as well as longtime Smallville director of photography) Glen Winter was tasked with calling the shots on the Supergirl pilot, drawing from Adler and Berlanti's script work. Winter confirmed that production on the pilot is done over the weekend (via Twitter), while Benoist alluded to the completion of filming with her respective Twitter post yesterday (see below).

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