Supergirl: Mon-El Gets His Comics Costume in CW Midseason Trailer

Mon-El will be getting his classic costume from the comics on Supergirl, if a new trailer for the TV show is any indicator. The Legion of Super-Heroes mainstay was introduced into the series during Supergirl's second season as a love interest for Kara Zor-El, and has avoided wearing a traditional superhero suit of any kind - at least, until a few episodes ago.

Mon-El recently reentered Kara's life along with a futuristic ship and several of his teammates, including the super genius Brainiac-5 and the telepathic Saturn Girl. First seen in-costume in the appropriately titled episode "Legion of Super-Heroes", the Legion members all wear variants on the same black uniform, with metallic accents displaying their personal symbols. This is a far cry from the Legion costumes in the comics, which tend to be more colorful and are only uniform in that they usually share a belt buckle with the L-shaped Legion of Super-Heroes symbol. Saturn Girl, for instance, usually favors hot pink or dark red for her costumes.

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Actor Chris Wood can be seen wearing the colorful classic Mon-El costume early-on in a new trailer for The CW, promoting the midseason returns of the network's various TV series. This includes Supergirl, as well as the other superhero TV shows that makeup up the shared universe commonly known as The Arrowverse, Riverdale, Supernatural, and The CW's newest DC Comics TV series, Black Lightning.

Chiris Wood as Mon-El in Classic Costume From Supergirl CW Trailer

It is important to note that trailers on The CW are not to be considered canon, as far as the events of their respective TV series are concerned. Previously, a series of "superhero fight club" trailers were used to promote The CW's various superhero shows and Supergirl's move from CBS to The CW. A similar trailer recently showed all of The CW's superheroes sharing a locker room along with Black Lightning - who doesn't actually exist in the same universe as the other characters. (Not yet, anyway.)

On the other hand, as dull and drab as Mon-El's current black Legion of Superheroes uniform is, it seems highly unlikely that The CW would commission a costume just for the sake of making one trailer more visually interesting and allowing Mon-El to better blend with his more colorful comrades. It seems far more likely that he may adopt the more colorful costume while fighting crime in modern-day National City. Perhaps he takes the blue and red coloration up as a way of honoring Supergirl, whose example inspired him to be a better man and a hero? Only time will tell.

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Supergirl continues Monday, January 22 with ‘Fort Rozz’ on The CW.

Source: The CW

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