Supergirl Puts Lena Luthor in Danger in 'For Good' Trailer

Lena Luthor is in danger in the trailer for the next episode of The CW's superhero TV show, Supergirl. The trailer, which is for the episode titled "For Good", shows Lena foaming at the mouth, presumably having been poisoned.

Portrayed by Irish actress Katie McGrath, Lena Luthor was introduced into Supergirl's second season as a potential friend and foe to Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). The adopted younger sister of Lex Luthor, Lena took over his company, L-Corp, determined to redeem the family name in the wake of her brother's crimes. Much of the second season saw Lena fighting against her adopted mother, Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong), who was secretly running and funding the anti-alien group Cadmus. The third season has seen Lena become best friends with Supergirl's secret identity of reporter Kara Danvers and develop a romantic relationship with James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), who was initially skeptical of Lena's good intentions.

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The "For Good" trailer is now available to watch on The CW's YouTube channel, and has been embedded in the space above. Quick clips from the trailer also reveal a clearly distraught Kara Danvers flying Lena to the hospital in her street clothes, not bothering to have changed into her Supergirl costume first!

The most likely suspect for whatever tragedy has befallen Lena is Morgan Edge, played by Adrian Pasdar, who is also briefly seen in the trailer. The third season of Supergirl started a rivalry between the two billionaires, as Lena blocked Edge's attempts to purchase most of National City's waterfront (including several low-income housing blocks) for redevelopment into a high-class commercial center, and his follow-up effort to purchase CatCo Worldwide Media after they reported on his corrupt business practices. Suffice it to say, Edge has been out for revenge against Lena ever since. Thus far Edge has attempted to ruin Lena's reputation by framing her for criminal negligence (suggesting that Lena had given hundreds of children lead poisoning), and tried to have her quietly killed off on two separate occasions.

It remains to be seen what treachery Morgan Edge is up to this time, but poisoning Lena is well within his means and his modus operandi of dealing with his enemies by having them killed off in a way that can't be tied to him. The episode synopsis of "For Good" only reveals that the episode will involve Kara stepping in to help Lena after Edge publicly (and ironically) accuses her of plotting to have him killed.

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Supergirl continues next Monday night, January 29, with '"For Good" on The CW.

Source: The CW

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