'Supergirl': Mehcad Brooks Cast as Jimmy Olsen

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In the latter half of last year, CBS made a direct-to-series commitment for Greg Berlanti’s Supergirl adaptation, and after finding the show’s lead in Melissa Benoist, the supporting cast of the show is now starting to get hired. The next cast member to fall into place? None other than Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen.

According to Variety, CBS has cast actor Mehcad Brooks (True Blood) in the fan favorite role, once again casting him as a photographer - though not employed at his usual Daily Planet post, but CatCo, the media company that series star Kara Danvers also calls home. And those budding matchmakers can rest easy, as it also seems that Olsen is intended to act as Kara's main love interest in the series.

Brooks most recently appeared in the role of 'Terrence King' on USA’s Necessary Roughness, so he’s no stranger to a consistent television gig. However, he and Benoist are the only actors on the table at present, with the rest of the show’s cast yet to be found. In addition, the show has yet to put a director for the pilot in place (or a name for the series). Though, given their history, it's possible executive producer Berlanti will seek to hire David Nutter, who served as director on both the Arrow and The Flash pilots.

As for what the inclusion of Olsen means for the DC Universe as a whole remains open to interpretation. At the moment, the character doesn’t exist in Snyder’s Man of Steel universe (with rumors at the time claiming Rebecca Buller’s 'Jenny' was a female version, eventually proven false), and that lack of big screen presence is what might have prompted DC to allow Berlanti to use the character in his series.

As of now – and until the new Flash makes his big screen debut – Warner Bros. has yet to feature two iterations of the same recognizable character between the mediums; the closest right now being a young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, which of course doesn’t cause much confusion in the realm of continuity for fans. Though Supergirl looks to be taking many elements from the Superman origin story, we certainly hope that her relationship with Jimmy is tweaked at the writers' discretion - for Kara's sake.

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What we still don’t know is whether or not Kara’s ultra-famous cousin will even be referenced in the series. There’s next to no chance a Superman appearance – or even acknowledgement – would be in any way connected to Henry Cavill’s version of the character, but without the man of steel, a large piece of Supergirl’s comic mythology will be lost. However, if there’s anyone who has earned some benefit of the doubt, it’s Berlanti. So, at the moment, let’s just say anything’s possible.

Stay tuned for more Supergirl news as it develops, and let us know what you think of Brook's casting in the comments below.

Supergirl is expected to air on CBS in 2015.

Source: Variety

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