Supergirl is Reportedly Casting For Lois Lane

It seems the Supergirl TV show may finally be casting Lois Lane. The first season of Supergirl lived in the shadow of the Man of Steel, and it was only in season 2 that the powers-that-be gave the showrunners permission to introduce Superman himself. Tyler Hoechlin played the part to perfection in many fans' eyes, and some have even preferred his version over Henry Cavill's big screen iteration.

At the same time, however, another icon from Superman's world has been much-mentioned, but never seen on Supergirl. There have been many references to Lois Lane, but until now The CW DC TV series hasn't given us so much as a glimpse of the Planet's intrepid reporter. That may be about to change.

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Omega Underground has discovered what seems to be a casting call for the part of Lois Lane. In it, Sarah Ceballos (Sector 17Mack, and Pas Honteux) auditions for the role. The audition certainly shows the kind of cultural awareness you would expect from Supergirl. It includes Lois's reflections on sexual predators, and she notes the importance of the Girl of Steel in a world where women are still vulnerable.

Although Supergirl has yet to introduce viewers to their version of Lois Lane, the show has revealed a lot about her. Back when Supergirl first revealed herself to Central City, Lois did her level best to get the exclusive interview. No doubt much to Lois's frustration, that honor ultimately fell to her rival Cat Grant (who also took the credit for giving Supergirl her name).  While Lois is known to be in a relationship with Clark Kent, it's as yet uncertain whether or not she's aware of Clark's secret identity.

If Supergirl does introduce Lois Lane, it will no doubt turn Kara's little world upside-down. Every incarnation of Lois has been a driven, dedicated reporter. Yes, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, but she's also not one to play second-fiddle for anyone. That led her to become instant rivals with Kara's mentor Cat Grant, and Cat has a jealous disdain for her award-winning ex-colleague.

CatCo already had one ex-Planet employee as a regular, Jimmy Olsen. It would certainly be interesting to see how that dynamic changes if Lois arrives on the scene. Perhaps even more intriguingly, if Lois is around, that may mean Superman is sure to follow her. After all, the Man of Steel has something of a habit of rescuing Lois from danger; he's unlikely to leave that particular role to his cousin. Supergirl is facing a terrible threat in the form of Reign; she already has the assistance of the Legion of Super Heroes, but Superman's help could be tremendously valuable.

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Supergirl continues Monday, January 22 with ‘Fort Rozz’ on The CW.

Source: Omega Underground

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