With the world of blockbuster films well and truly conquered, it’s the small screen that comic book superheroes have set their sights on next. It’s DC Comics leading that charge, with Supergirl the first female-led series being fast-tracked following the initial success of The CW’s Arrow. It’s still hard to tell just what the CBS project has up its sleeve, but we now know one actress that may fit the network’s bill.

The changes being made to Supergirl‘s comic book origin story gave a good indication of what the producers had in mind, and now TheWrap reports that Australian actress Claire Holt (The Vampire DiariesThe Originals) is being considered for the part. It would seem that Holt’s work on The CW’s vampire-centric dramas has brought her to the attention of executive producer Greg Berlanti (ArrowThe Flash) and Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family).

With her time on The Originals at an end, Holt has moved on to NBC’s Aquarius, the in-development crime series set prior to Charles Manson’s infamous 1960s murder spree. Since one well-received role on a popular CW series has typically led to another (especially in the realm of superhero serials), Holt’s performance on Diaries and its spin-off – and the fact that she matches Kara Zor-El’s typical appearance almost perfectly – landing her in the running isn’t too shocking.

Supergirl TV Show Claire Holt Actress Vampire Diaries Actress Eyed For Supergirl TV Series

It’s worth pointing out that Holt is just one of many as-yet unnamed twentysomething actresses being screened for the role of Kara Danvers; a superpowered 24 year old woman who, after living in secret, finally embraces her alien abilities to become a full-fledged superhero. It may be some time before CBS and the producers make a final decision for their lead actress (or Kara’s foster sister Alex), but Holt is undoubtedly a major contender.

As highly coveted as the role may be, it brings with it some unique pressure. Just like the superhero properties of the big screen, the absence of leading female faces is becoming a more frequent topic of conversation. Early details imply that Supergirl will remove Superman from its universe entirely, surrounding Kara instead with a scientifically-minded older sister and a boss who blends diva with fashion icon. In other words, CBS is looking to break some ground of their very own where superhero stars are concerned.

Supergirl TV Show Flash Arrow Universe Vampire Diaries Actress Eyed For Supergirl TV Series

And if Supergirl proves a success (far from a certainty, given how recent DC Comics adaptation have fared with critics and viewers), there’s no telling what Warner Bros. Television could attempt. There’s already confirmed word of a potential Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover somewhere down the road, so the sky may just be the limit for the actress who lands the part.

What do you think of Claire Holt’s chances? Are you a fan of her work as ‘Rebekah’ on The Originals, or is it her look that makes her a strong contender in your eyes? Is there another actress you have in mind? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

Supergirl is expected to air on CBS in 2015.

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Source: TheWrap

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