Supergirl Teases LOBO in The Arrowverse Crossover

Well, it sounds like Supergirl may be adding Lobo to the CW's version of the DC Universe. Well, the DC Multiverse might be more accurate, since the world of Kara Danvers doesn't actually exist in the same reality as that of the other Arrowverse shows. Even so, a solid DC Comics Easter Egg is just as good no matter which variation of the Multiverse it's added into. And in the massive crossover between SupergirlThe FlashArrow and Legends of Tomorrow, one of the smallest moments is sure to make some fans more excited than any team battle scene.

Before the first episode of the crossover (Supergirl) saw a team of Nazi superheroes from Earth-X invade Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, the bomb is dropped. Apparently while the DC antihero Lobo has spent years struggling to be adapted to live action, he's popped onto the radar of the D.E.O. - his species, at least. But considering Lobo's origin story makes him the last of that very group, who else could Winn be referring to?

The scene is actually the introduction of Kara Danvers to the crossover plotline, welcoming viewers back to National City as Supergirl is already destroying a parked car in a fistfight with an unidentified alien. While Kara keeps it occupied, her support team back at the D.E.O. requests details. Winn inquires if the alien - hailing from "deep orbit" - is a Helgrammite (one of the shapeshifting aliens from the show's second episode). But it's Alex's worried look as she suggests it could be "Czarnian" is what we're after.

In the world of DC Comics, there's only one real Czarnian left alive: Lobo.

DC Lobo

Whether this is a playful hint for the diehard DC fans to enjoy - especially paired with Alex's visible concern over Kara's chances - or a hint of a legitimate arrival of Lobo in the future is unknown. What we do know is that Supergirl would really be out of her element, since the one superhuman ability Czarnians are famous for makes them nearly impossible to beat. Leave a single drop of their blood unaddressed, and the entire alien will regenerate from it. Thankfully, the enemy is simply a Dominator left over from last season's crossover - easy to punch into submission when on its own.

As seasoned Supergirl fans may recall, this isn't the first time that Lobo has been hinted at on the series, either. Back in the episode "Truth, Justice and the American Way" in the first season, a mysterious armored figure was hunting down escaped Fort Rozz prisoners. Before the heroes learned he was a guard from the prison pretending to be a detective, the sudden emergence of an "intergalactic bounty hunter" seemed the most likely answer. It was also Alex Danvers who wondered if that mystery man could be "Him," which Hank dismissed.

Paired with this line two seasons later, it seems that whatever happened between Lobo and Alex, she's permanently on guard for another visit from the Czarnian.

Fans can now weight the benefits or risks of introducing a figure as powerful and beloved as Lobo - a character created as a caricature of the Punisher/Wolverine antihero of the 1990s. His comic book escapades are among the most infamous and outlandish in comic book fandom, with DC recently recruiting Lobo to the Justice League of America, and elsewhere, having a short-lived romance with Harley Quinn herself. By comparison, that makes the CW's Arrowverse seem positively boring.

Time will tell if this second tease is a sign of what Supergirl's writers intend in the show's future, but for now, it's one of several winks to the fans from just the first half of this season's CW crossover. The episodes already brought one fallen Arrow character back to life (sort of), stunned the more conservative fans with Alex Danvers's first superhero one night stand, and even a bit of Marvel humor with a Spider-Man reference.

Who knows what we can hope for from the final half? The CW sure knows how to spoil you Bastich fans.

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The crossover continues on The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow at 8pm on Tuesday, November 28th.

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