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Miss Martian Young Justice

Supergirl has spent much of season 2 adding new superhuman characters to its roster of characters, largely as part of its ongoing storyline about rising tensions against the growing number of aliens living publically on Earth. One such newcomer is M'Gann, aka Miss Martian, a fan-favorite DC Comics heroine played by guest star Sharon Leal whose full role in the ongoing storyline -- including whether she's meant to be ally or antagonist to the mains series regulars -- remains to be revealed.

Up until now, fans have been in the dark as to what Miss Martian would look like in her non-human form, but Supergirl has let them know with a new trailer that also teases some of the next episode's upcoming storylines.

Miss Martian's appearances thus far on Supergirl have largley come as part of scenes and story-points fleshing out the partially hidden subculture of aliens living on Earth, most of whom are keeping their identities a secret while the issue of what various human governments mean to do about their situations. While most have seemed benign, 'Survivors' looks ready to reveal a darker side of their hidden lives -- namely, their potential to be exploited by nefarious humans.

Miss Martian Young Justice

As seen in the promo, the episode will reveal Dichen Lachman (formerly a season 2 villain on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as new supervillain Roulette, a crimeboss who operates an underground gladiatorial combat club where superhuman aliens are pitted against eachother for the amusement (and betting) of sadistic crowds. From the look of things, the fighting will involve not only Miss Martian but also Supergirl herself, with Alex Danvers and her new detective friend Maggie Swayer investigating the events.

While seeing the various alien characters match their abilities against one another should prove interesting for regular viewers of the superhero series, fans will be playing special attention to see how these events play out against Supergirl's bigger ongoing narratives: In addition to Miss Martian, the heroes are also dealing with complications surrounding Chris Wood's Mon-el and the questionable motivations of Lena Luthor and her alien-detecting technology.

There will also undoubtedly be much attention and scrutiny focused on the interplay between Alex and Maggie Sawyer, whom many fans believe will develop a romantic relationship this season based on cryptic quotes from The CW producers earlier in the year. Notably, season 2 opened with the surprise torpedoing of the first season's central (potential) love story between Kara and James Olsen, leaving fans of superhero romance without a storyline in that regard currently happening on this series.

Supergirl continues Monday October 31 with ‘Survivors’ at 8pm on The CW.

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