New 'Supergirl' Trailer: Kara Zor-El's Story

DC Comics' Kara Zor-El is getting her own live-action television series with the upcoming Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist (Glee) as the title character. The show is not (officially) connected to any other DC TV shows that are currently on the air, even though the CBS program was designed by a number of the same creative minds behind The CW's Arrow and The Flash Shared TV universe (including, the co-creator Greg Berlanti). Fans hoping for a crossover between the three DC shows may one day get their wish too, for related reasons.

The very first Supergirl trailer released offers an extended look at both the narrative and the character development that transpires in the show's pilot, while the marketing since then has placed a greater emphasis on Kara's origin story and the series' action/special effects. CBS hasn't shifted from the latter strategy with the latest Supergirl preview (which you can watch above), having even dubbed the trailer "Supergirl - Her Story".

One of the critiques raised in our Supergirl pilot review (following the pilot's debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2015) is that the pilot's efforts "to show that a female superhero can be more than effective work far better than [its] attempts to merely tell [as much]." That criticism could be leveled at the show's marketing too, as the general action and plot beats in the newest Supergirl trailer - showing Kara using her super-powers to save the day and/or being overjoyed as she discovers her abilities - are the most effective components of the footage included here.

Supergirl Pilot Review Preview

Benoist, for her part, has defended Supergirl against criticisms that the trailer footage paints the show as being either an unintentional self-parody and/or a hollow attempt to exploit the demand for more feminist superhero entertainment. Captain Marvel screenwriter Nicole Perlman commented recently on why comic book adaptations with female protagonists face a lot of pressure in general, since they have to fulfill expectations and demands that male superhero movies/TV shows aren't subjected to. That has (arguably) been the case with Supergirl too, well before the show has even been given a chance to find its footing during its sophomore season on CBS.

The short of it: Supergirl has displayed the makings of another solid network superhero TV series (much as Arrow and The Flash had before their first seasons got started), but there's certainly room for growth on its end, too. Hopefully, the show will hit its stride quickly and realize its full potential - thus providing superhero comic book fans with yet another fine piece of televised entertainment to enjoy on a weekly basis.

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Supergirl premieres on CBS at 8:30 p.m. EST on October 26th, 2015. It will air at 8 p.m. EST on Mondays thereafter.

Source: CBS

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