Supergirl 'Exodus' Trailer: Battle Lines Are Drawn

[Warning: Spoilers for Supergirl below.]


The acclaimed CW series Supergirl continues to thrive on the strength of Melissa Benoist’s compelling lead performance as Kara Zor-El, even with the arrival of her cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in season 2. The show’s second season has also succeeded in large part to a strong villainous presence in the form of the Cadmus project, which had held Kara’s adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) captive for a long time - until he was rescued in last week’s episode, “Homecoming.”

In revealing the greater motivations of Cadmus and Jeremiah, plus dropping hints as to the true identity of Mon-El (Chris Wood), “Homecoming” certainly took Supergirl in some paradigm-shifting directions, especially for Kara and the Danvers family. It also laid the groundwork for what looks to be a riveting conclusion to season 2. It’s unclear whether Mon-El’s secret will be revealed in next week’s episode, “Exodus,” but the trailer suggests that Cadmus’ bigger plan will continue to be set into motion.

The trailer debuted on The CW’s YouTube channel on Monday night (watch it above), revealing a handful of glimpses into the execution of Cadmus’ plan to capture young aliens and “slaughter them” - interestingly enough, those are Jeremiah’s words. With the National Alien Registry in its hands thanks to Jeremiah, its new mole in the DEO, Cadmus has the key to taking on Earth’s alien population that it needed - and the opportunity to wage its biggest battle yet.

Melissa Benoist in Supergirl

Also featured in the teaser is Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) chillingly telling Jeremiah, “You’re the only Superman we need.” The teaser also heavily features Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) appearing to confront Jeremiah and ask him, “Are you with me?” Regardless of where the storyline takes the DEO and Cadmus, it appears that “Exodus” is going to feature plenty of strong emotions.

The new narrative threads established in “Homecoming” appear likely to lead to an explosive follow-up in “Exodus,” both in terms of action and personal drama. Like last week’s slow-burn reveal that Jeremiah is secretly working for Cadmus, the Danvers family may be slowly coming to terms with that revelation. Alex and Jeremiah have been set up for a visceral confrontation in the episode, and it looks like their relationship will be forever altered in the aftermath.

Fans who are eager to see further development between Mon-El and Kara may be disappointed in what “Exodus” has to offer. The focus for the episode appears to be almost entirely on Cadmus and their master plan being set into motion. But with Jeremiah’s true motivations known and the Danvers family yet to fully understand them, “Exodus” offers plenty of potential for one of Supergirl’s most emotionally charged episodes yet.

Supergirl continues next Monday with “Exodus” @8PM on The CW.

Source: The CW

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