Supergirl Searches For the Third Worldkiller in New Trailer

Reign (Odette Annable) and Purity (Krys Marshall) have already been revealed as two of the three villainous Worldkillers, and with a third one still on the loose, Kara and her allies are scrambling to locate her in next week's Supergirl.

Following a relatively contained story as the show's comeback offering from its hiatus with "Schott through the Heart" which puts Winn's complicated by interesting family dynamics, it's back to business for Kara and her team in next week's Supergirl. The show has been on an unusual nine-week late winter break following The CW's decision to let DC's Legends of Tomorrow wrap up its third season the same Monday night timeslot as the Melissa Benoist-led series. While many fans were understandably not thrilled about it, time flew by with the show now back and scheduled to release new episodes in the next several weeks until its season finale.

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With Winn's family drama now behind him, Team Supergirl refocuses their effort in tracking down the third and final Worldkiller, Pestilence. Upon discovering that the supervillain transforms into Blight, who is set to destroy the planet Winath in one thousand years, Kara is more motivated now more than ever to discover her whereabouts. So Mon-el, who debuts his comic-accurate suit, draws up a plan to speed up the process. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like things will pan out the way he's hoping to as he's seen getting a gut punch from the Girl of Steel after an argument. Check out the promo above for next week's episode titled “In Search of Lost Time.”

Supergirl hasn't revealed any hints as to the true persona of the final Worldkiller, but speculation is rife that Angela Zhou’s upcoming character, Dr. Grace Parker might just be her. Speaking of personas, Lena keeping Sam's real identity as Reign and attempting to turn her around appears like an already lost cause. Not to mention her worsening relationship with Supergirl which might eventually jeopardize her bond with Kara.

Aside from the ongoing search for Pestilence, the episode will also tackle other subplots including M’yrnn’s worsening case of Martian dementia which fans have seen more of in last night's episode with Alex quickly picking up J'onn J'onzz's father's forgetfulness pattern. While it may sound like a personal issue more than anything, it seems like it would also affect the DEO after the elder's sickness prompts psychic disturbances. Meanwhile, Mon-El will need to finally sort his feelings for his wife Irma.

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Supergirl is back with brand new episodes every Monday night, 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: The CW (via TV Promos)

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