Supergirl: Superman is Returning for the Season 2 Finale

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Supergirl

It's a bird, it's a plane! Despite a rocky midseason, The CW's newest DCEU property Supergirl is primed to hit its stride just in time for a grand season 2 finale. A lot is in store for our favorite citizens of National City before the show wraps its sophomore season. The Supergirl writing team has a lot of loose ends to potentially tie up before the season's end, including Mon-El's monster-in-law, a secret alien president, and sinister Cadmus leader Lillian Luthor. The show will return from hiatus later this month with 'Ace Reporter', which is primed to focus on Lena Luthor, Kara's unlikely friend and Lillian's defiant daughter.

It seems our favorite characters are in for some upheaval personally, as well. Kara and Lena are headed for some tension as the Luthor meets with a potentially chaotic ex, Maggie and Alex are in for -- something, and James is finally about to get some real screen time. As Kara and friends prepare to take on several baddies before the season's end, it looks like one other key dynamic is about to crop up for the hero -- her relationship with her cousin, Clark.

According to a report from E! News, Tyler Hoechlin will officially revisit his role as Clark Kent/Superman just in time for the season finale. Hoechlin as Clark made waves with fans and won the show execs' hearts, so it's no surprise to see him making his way back to National City.

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Last time we saw Superman, he flew into the season 2 premiere to help Kara and Lena with a defunct LexCorp spaceship before sticking around for another episode. It was great to see the dynamic between two members of the House of El, and for Kara to get to explore her feelings of loneliness and familial longing. Things probably won't get that deep during the finale -- like we said, there's a lot going on -- but it will be nice to see Hoechlin's unique spin on Superman make a comeback.

Superman's reappearance certainly raises some questions for the trajectory of season 2. What might make Kara call for backup? Will Kara become incapacitated, leaving her friends to call in Superman for some Kryptonian assistance? Either way, it's looking like the end of season 2 will feature some seriously treacherous antagonists.

Seeing the Cousins of Steel reunited should make for an enthralling finale, both because we love Superman's character and because his return signals something big is about to go down. This shows that Supergirl could likely close out season 2 with a bang.

Supergirl returns Monday, April 24 with 'Ace Reporter' at 8pm.

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Source: E! News

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