Superman Will Return to the Supergirl TV Series

The new CBS Supergirl TV show has gotten off to a great start with viewers. Fans are already on board with the solo adventures of Kara Zor-El, but just three episodes in, the series is calling on the Big Blue Boy Scout to make a cameo on the series and offer his cousin some assistance.

In a recently released teaser and two extended sneak peeks, Superman is called in to lend a hand with the evil Reactron (Chris Browning Agent Carter), who is menacing National City and even Maxwell Lord. There is also an extended clip in which Cat Grant interviews Supergirl, only to confirm her relation to Superman and ask if she can do everything the Man of Tomorrow can.

The new teaser above is for episode 3 of Supergirl, titled 'Fight or Flight,' which gives viewers a fun, but very obscured look at the Man of Steel. If the video preview is any indication of what we'll see in the episode, then our look at Superman will continue to be blurry and etherial at best. The Supergirl series has always been a standalone vehicle for Kara to do her thing, so any real presence from Superman is unlikely to occur. Couple that with the fact that Warner Bros. has a lot of standards about not confusing the movie and television brands, and it's clear why the character remains in the margins.

Fans previously saw a very brief appearance from Supes in the Supergirl pilot episode. It may seem strange that the showrunners are already dipping back in the Kryptonian well to bring Superman into the series for a cameo, since the show is so focused on Kara, but a show like Supergirl is still working hard to find a steady audience and prove itself. Supergirl only has an initial 13-episode order, and if they want to get the coveted "back 9" episode order to give the series a full season (and the chance of a second) then the series needs to impress each week with new villains and guest appearances from established heroes like this one.

Still, the series has already proven itself to be more savvy than to have Superman appear as a simple ratings grab. While an appearance from the Big Red 'S' can't hurt things in terms of viewership, the clip above makes it clear Supes' celebrity and hero status are elements that weigh heavily on Kara as she continues to forge her own identity as a hero -- a task that is made considerably more difficult when it begins under such an immense shadow and when Cat Grant's questions gravitate toward the kind that would never be asked of a male superhero. From what the series has shown so far, an appearance from Superman this early in the season will likely have an important impact on how Kara continues to define herself as an individual hero, as Superman's cousin, and most importantly, as a woman.

At any rate, fans of the series will continue to tune in, as many are likely hoping the show's continued success will lead to a crossover with the already existing DC TV Extended Universe, which includes shows like Arrow and The Flash.

Supergirl will return this Monday to CBS at 8:00 PM with 'Fight or Flight.' Check out an extended sneak peek below:

Source: CBS

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