WB Reportedly Drops Man of Steel Sequels to Focus On Supergirl Movie

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Warner Bros.' DC movie universe is reportedly switching their focus from Superman to Supergirl. After reports that Henry Cavill is out as Superman there are big changes coming to the DCEU. Whether Superman is recast or not remains unclear, but it's been suggested the future the DCEU is moving away from the most famous Kryptonian. Reports are circulating that the DCEU is dropping all plans of sequels for 2013's Man of Steel and moving ahead with Supergirl as the face of the Super franchise.

Supergirl has almost always languished in the shadow of her biological cousin. Although recently, with her getting her own TV series, which joined the Arrowverse at the end of its first season, Supergirl has been on the rise. Now the movies are hoping to capitalize and expand on that popularity - though the initial reports of the plot for Supergirl's movie sound very unconventional.

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According to THR, it is renewed focus in Supergirl that led to Henry Cavill's ousting as the Man of Steel. Warner Bros. is evidently planning on telling Supergirl's story from the very beginning. The movie will be an origin story starring a teenage Kara Zor-El. There's reportedly no Superman in the planned movie (right now), but Kal-El would be a baby according to comics lore. If this is accurate it's an unexpected, if somewhat comic-accurate take, on the Supergirl character.

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Like any comic book character, Supergirl has been through a few origin stories. Her most recent and most famous one, though, is almost identical to Superman. As a teenager, Kara Zor-El was sent away from her dying planet of Krypton to Earth, all in order protect her baby cousin, Kal-El. However Kal-El ended up arriving on Earth years before Kara. Kara's pod was knocked off course and into a wormhole and arrived on Earth after her cousin was Superman. So while Superman is older than Supergirl on Earth, he was actually born after her on Krypton.

It seems like the DCEU is planning on using this origin story - at least partially. If Superman will only appear as a baby that seems to suggest the origin story won't have Kara come to Earth, or at least won't begin with her crash landing on the planet. A previous DCEU Easter egg hinted that Supergirl had a number of space adventures before the events of Man of Steel. Perhaps the standalone movie will confirm and expand on that story having a teen Kara go an extended adventure on Krypton before being sent to Earth. The DCEU has already proved with both Wonder Woman movies that they're not afraid to jump around the timeline when it comes to their standalone movies.

This is, of course, some very heavy speculation. The Supergirl movie could also have Kara come to Earth and not feature an appearance by Superman at all. The Supergirl TV show made it an entire season without introducing their Superman and even then, Clark Kent appeared in just a handful of episodes. The characters are very similar, but Supergirl doesn't always require the existence or involvement of Superman.

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Source: THR

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