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Supergirl's second season has seen a move to The CW network that has brought about several noteworthy changes, from an onscreen Superman appearance and new digs for the DEO, to an abrupt end to a long-teased romance in order to free up James Olsen for a new superhero job. But the most visible change is yet to come as Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant - a mainstay of season 1 - prepares to take a backseat to new day-to-day boss figure Snapper Carr, set to be played by Cougar Town alum Ian Gomez.

Now, Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg indicates that the new boss will bring bigger changes yet to come.

While speaking to EW, Kreisberg teased that the fans can expect Kara's daily work life to be much different under Carr than it was under Cat Grant. The latter is a mentor figure whose tough exterior concealed a great deal of empathy for her onetime-assistant's journey that implicitly mirrored her own. To hear the series top man tell it, all that is about to go out the window - for good or for ill:

“Cat — both with Kara and I think with others — is actually devoted to mentoring people. She challenges them hard, but she does that with the idea that she’s forging them and they’re going to come out the other side as stronger, better people. Snapper Carr doesn’t give a crap. He believes in the written word, in facts and ‘Are you good at your job or are you not? If you’re not good at your job, I don’t have time for you.’”

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Supergirl's first season was largely defined by an easygoing sensibility where superhero action often took a (narrative) backseat to Millennial workplace drama more reminiscent of a traditional network series. The focus appears to have shifted for season 2, with more comics characters and Superman-related lore coming to the forefront. A contentious - possibly even antagonistic - boss figure combined with Kara's planned new career path as a reporter could conceivably be part of an overall shift to bring the series more tonally in line with The CW's other Arrowverse series.

While the full nature of Snapper Carr's characterization is yet to be revealed, the character's name comes with a long pedigree of DC Comics presence: The original Snapper Carr appeared as the human teenage "mascot" of the Silver Age Justice League, so nicknamed for his tendency to snap his fingers. He has since appeared in multiple forms across many different series, occasionally adopting heroic identities of his own. He's also appeared in animated form on Justice League and Young Justice.

Supergirl continues Monday October 17 with ‘The Last Children of Krypton’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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