Supergirl: Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum Praises Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in Smallville

Michael Rosenbaum has praised Jon Cryer’s recent turn as Lex Luthor on Supergirl. Rosenbaum previously portrayed the classic Superman villain on Smallville opposite Tom Welling as Clark Kent. He was a series regular for the first seven seasons, beginning in 2001. Cryer’s version of the character just debuted on Sunday’s episode, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”.

Although Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor was a constant on Smallville, the character had only previously been alluded to on Supergirl. The series has made plenty of references to the Man of Steel’s arch nemesis over the years, even adding his sister, Lena, as a major player in season 2. It was eventually confirmed that Lex would appear in the flesh during the show’s fourth season, and that he would be played by Two and a Half Men star, Jon Cryer. This isn’t actually Cryer’s first brush with Lex Luthor, having portrayed his nephew Lenny in Superman IV. Many fans didn’t know what to think of Cryer’s casting, but his performance has put any doubt to rest.

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Fans may have loved Cryer in the role, but perhaps the most important vote of confidence is Rosenbaum’s. The actor took to Twitter to congratulate Cryer on a job well done. The former Lex Luthor not only told Cryer that he “killed it”, but even complimented him on his “dome”.

Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor was created by Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1940, and has gone on to become the Man of Steel’s most iconic Big Bad. Prior to Rosenbaum’s unforgettable portrayal of the character on Smallville, the most popular live-action iteration of the villain was Gene Hackman, who played the Lex Luthor to Christopher Reeve’s Superman in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. The villain has also been portrayed by Kevin Spacey and more recently by Jesse Eisenberg, although neither performance was particularly well-received. Rosenbaum’s turn as the character has long been lauded by fans and critics alike as the best live-action Lex Luthor. In fact, his version was so popular that viewers were petitioning for him to reprise the role for Supergirl.

Fans may not have gotten the Lex Luthor that they thought they wanted, but Cryer’s performance has been nearly universally praised. If anyone has the final say on who’s doing an amazing job playing Lex, it’s certainly Rosenbaum. Cryer may be only one episode in, but viewers are eager to see what he’ll do next on Supergirl. The last episode ended on a cliffhanger, so we’ll have to tune in to find out. What we do know is that, whatever happens, Tyler Hoechlin's Superman won't return this season to lend a hand.

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