While TV’s newest superhero series Supergirl isn’t quite a breakout hit (despite its solid premiere ratings), the CBS show starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El does have a fervent and loyal fanbase. Ever since the show premiered back in October, ratings have remained steady after falling the first few weeks. It seems viewers enjoy tuning in each week to see one of comic book’s biggest female superheroes grow from a bright young woman to a strong, capable hero in her own right.

Yet Supergirl isn’t the only female character on the series that has drawn a lot of attention. Calista Flockhart regularly steals every scene she’s in as CEO Cat Grant, a mentor for Kara who gives her advice about being a woman in a man’s world. And Kara’s sister Alex Danvers (played by Chyler Leigh) is no slouch either, as a former bio-engineer who until recently worked as an Agent of the D.E.O. Then there’s Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Lucy Lane, who took over the D.E.O. last week after Hank Henshaw’s surprising exit. But let’s not forget about the show’s villains, too.

Newcomer Siobhan Smythe is a character you just love to hate, ever since she first appeared on Supergirl back in February. She’s made Kara’s life at CatCo difficult to say the least — but that’ll be nothing compared to what happens in this week’s episode ‘Worlds Finest’ when Siohban finally embraces her destiny and becomes supervillain Silver Banshee.

Supergirl The Flash Crossover Livewire Cat Banshee Supergirl: Silver Banshee & Livewire Behind the Scenes Featurette

As you can see in the new behind-the-scenes featurette above, Silver Banshee will also have some help destroying Supergirl from returning supervillain Livewire. Together, the two (after giving Siobhan an awesome makeover) start their plans for revenge by targeting Cat Grant. Luckily for Supergirl, Barry Allen (The Flash) has just arrived from his Earth, and he teams up with Kara to fight ‘the bad girls you love to hate.’

Supergirl has yet to be renewed for a second season, along with any of CBS’ newest shows, but the buzz going into this week’s episode is very strong. The introduction of The Flash (which is currently The CW’s most popular series) can only help bring more viewers in to sample Kara and her adventures at National City.

After a rough start early in the season, the past few episodes of Supergirl have changed the course of the series substantially. Villain of the week episodes have been pushed to the background in order to make way for more substantial, emotional storylines involving each of the characters and their backstory. The consequences of Kara being exposed to red kryptonite in ‘Falling’ were very real, as were the repercussions of Hank revealing himself in ‘Manhunter.’ With Alex and Hank now on the run and looking for Jeremiah, this week’s episode, ‘World’s Finest,’ will give viewers some lighthearted fun before jumping forward into the rest of the season.

The Supergirl and The Flash crossover episode, ‘Worlds Finest,’ airs Monday @8pm on CBS.

Source: CBS

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