Supergirl's Season 5 Suit Revealed, Swaps Skirt for Pants

Supergirl Kara Danvers

Supergirl is getting a new suit for season 5 later this year. The show concluded its fourth season back in May, and introduced Lex Luthor into the Arrowverse along the way.

Supergirl is about to enter its fifth season with a number of developments. At the end of season 4, Lena Luthor discovered that Kara was the Girl of Steel. The ramifications of this will likely be a big plot point in season 5. The Monitor, a character who's setting up Crisis on Infinite Earths, appeared and brought J'onn J'onzz's brother to Earth. This martian seems to have a grudge against J'onn, so it remains to be seen how it plays out. Also, a mysterious organization called Leviathan is coming. Finally, Lex Luthor served as the primary antagonist for the second half of the season, before being seemingly killed by Lena. However, the Monitor seems to have plans for him, indicating Lex might return for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Season 5 could be the biggest yet, and Kara will be fighting to save National City in a new costume.

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Supergirl star Melissa Benoist posted the new suit on her Instagram. There are some mild changes, but the biggest is the replacement of the red skirt with pants. Check it out below.

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Comic book fans may find this design similar to Superman's second Rebirth look. There, Superman ditched the red trunks in favor of all blue until the red boots. His first Rebirth costume also lacked the trunks, but gave him blue boots with thin red lines. This was criticized by some fans, because the costume lost a lot of its red. Those who preferred the second Rebirth costume are likely happy that Supergirl is appearing to be taking some cues from it.

Heroes getting new costumes in the Arrowverse is nothing new. The Flash has gone through three costume changes, and Arrow has gone through a few as well. This is the first major costume change for Supergirl however, aside from any temporary suits. It'll be interesting to see if the show explains the change, or if she'll just appear in her new suit in episode one. Either way, many viewers agree that changing the look of a character is a good thing once in awhile, as long as it retains the character's essence. Supergirl is expected to get a panel at Comic-Con this week, so perhaps the new suit will be featured in a trailer.

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Supergirl season 5 premieres October 6 on The CW.

Source: Melissa Benoist

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