What To Expect From Supergirl Season 5

Supergirl season 5 premieres this coming fall, but what will its story be about? And will the show merge into Earth-1 during the Crisis?

Supergirl and Lex Luthor

Supergirl season 5 premieres later this year, but what will it be about? Supergirl currently holds a unique space in the Arrowverse, being the only one of the core superhero series on The CW to be set outside the reality of Earth-1. It's speculated this may change, however, after the 2019 Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The events of Supergirl season 4 have seen Kara Zor-El facing new challenges which even her powers couldn't overcome. Chief among these were the Children of Liberty - a violent anti-alien militia, which attacked and harassed alien immigrants. The Children of Liberty found an unexpected ally in the form of the newly appointed President Baker, who named the Children of Liberty's leader, Ben Lockwood, to a cabinet post. Both men were ultimately revealed as pawns of Lex Luthor, though Baker was a willing accomplice while Lockwood was ignorant as to how he had been manipulated into helping Luthor's agenda.

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Luthor's master plan involved manipulating the governments of the United States and Kaznia into a war, utilizing the Red Daughter - a clone of Supergirl that had been discovered by the Kaznian military following the events of Supergirl season 3's finale. Brainwashing her into an anti-America zealot, Luthor used the Red Daughter to frame Supergirl for acts of terrorism. Luthor's plan came to a head in the penultimate episode of season 4, with Luthor seemingly having killed the Red Daughter and stopped the Kaznian invasion of America singlehandedly, as President Baker declared Lex Luthor to be America's greatest hero. This leaves Kara Zor-El in a difficult position heading into the season 4 finale, as she has no public support, no proof of Luthor's plotting and few allies left to help her.

Last updated: June 17, 2019

Supergirl Season 5 Premiere Date

Supergirl Season 4 Finale Kara Zorr-El in Armor

Supergirl season 5 was officially confirmed in January. This came as no surprise as Supergirl is still one of The CW's most popular series, despite a slight ratings dip after the show moved to Sunday nights in the fall of 2018. And now, Supergirl season 5 premieres on October 6, remaining on Sunday nights. Supergirl season 5 will air after the new Batwoman series.

Supergirl Season 5 Story Details

There has been little in the final half of Supergirl season 4 to suggest what viewers can expect to see in season 5. Given how drastically the world has been changed leading into the finale, however, it seems a safe bet that the series will have to address the fact that the American President committed war crimes on a global scale, such as the illegal interment of aliens, who were used as test subjects for Lex Luthor's experiments. Dreamer and Martian Manhunter discovered that when they were captured in the penultimate episode of Supergirl season 4.

Beyond that, it seems likely that Brainiac-5 may take up a villainous role in season 5. The penultimate episode of season 4 saw him regress while being tortured by the Children of Liberty, effectively rebooting his brain and allowing the ancestral memories of his emotionless and ruthless robotic ancestor to take over. While this did enable Brainiac-5 to escape custody, it also caused him to ignore the safety of his teammates, allowing Dreamer and Martian Manhunter to be captured as part of his plan. Perhaps his experiences fighting Lex Luthor will lead Brainiac-5 to conclude that the best way to keep National City safe is by placing it in a bottle, like his ancestors did with so many alien cities in the name of preservation?

Supergirl Season 5 Will Include Crisis on Infinite Earths

The only thing that is really known for certain about Supergirl season 5 is that it will be part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, along with Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow. The speculation is running wild on whether or not Kara will die, as in the original Crisis comic book miniseries, or if the Arrowverse version of Superman might sacrifice himself to save his cousin instead. Another big question is if the event will condense the multiple Earths of the Arrowverse into a single world, just like the original comics did in an effort to streamline the DC Comics multiverse and make it more accessible to new fans.

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