Supergirl: 7 Big Questions From The Season 4 Midseason Finale

Supergirl Midseason Finale

WARNING: The following feature contains SPOILERS For Supergirl, season 4, episode 8.

Supergirl season 4, episode 8, "Bunker Hill," proved an exciting mid-season finale, even without the final scene, which set-up this year's Arrowverse crossover event, Elseworlds.

The events of the episode saw Nia Nul starting to gain mastery over the prophetic dream powers that she's been keeping secret all season. The episode also saw violent vigilante Manchester Black and anti-alien militia leader Ben Lockwood (aka Agent Liberty) arrested for their crimes. Unfortunately, a mob formed to protest Lockwood's arrest even before he arrived for processing at National City Jail. This suggests that the battle with the Children of Liberty may just be starting and that their influence may reach as high as the President of the United States, who fired Supergirl from the DEO after she refused to reveal her secret identity to the world in the wake of Agent Liberty's capture.

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While Supergirl's final scene masterfully set the stage for Elseworlds, there are also a number of things to consider regarding recent events on Earth-38. Here are some of big questions Supergirl fans are asking after the mid-season finale.

What Does Brainiac-5 Know About Nia Nul?

Supergirl Nia Nul Dreamer and Brainiac 5

When Kara mentions that Nia Nul had a realistic nightmare involving Agent Liberty, Brainiac-5 is stunned that Kara was so quick to dismiss it as not being a big deal. Catching himself, Brainy explains that he can't explain why, but he thinks Nia Nul could be the key to catching Agent Liberty. It is clear to Alex and Kara that Brainy knows more than he is saying, but when he is questioned further on the point he says that he can't say any more because it is based on knowledge of the future and he could cause a paradox.

Eventually, Nia reveals that she is from a planet called Naltor, where some of the women have the power to see the future through precognitive dreams. Brainiac-5 then reveals that he knows about Naltor and can help Nia to focus her powers, accidentally calling her Nura as he tries to calm her nerves. This is an Easter Egg for fans of the original Legion of Superheroes comics, where one of Brainiac-5's teammates was a Naltorian named Nura Nul. The implication here is that Brainiac-5 knows Nia's descendant and that Nia herself is destined to become a figure of legend in the 31st Century.

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Is President Baker An Anti-Alien Bigot?

Supergirl Bruce Boxleitner as President Baker

Elevated to the American Presidency after it was revealed that the previous President was an alien shape-shifter, President Baker's actions throughout Supergirl season 4 have only served to aid the Children of Liberty. When Supergirl was confined to a high-tech contamination suit after the atmosphere was seeded with Kryptonite, he forbade Supergirl from engaging The Graves Siblings, allowing the anti-alien terrorists to run amok. President Baker then placed the DEO under the supervision of USMC Colonel Lauren Haley, who made it clear that she intended to steer the DEO back to its original mission of protecting the United States from potential alien threats with military force. Finally, at the end of "Bunker Hill", President Baker demanded that Supergirl either reveal her secret identity or be fired from the DEO. Unlike Col. Haley, President Baker hasn't openly voiced any anti-alien sentiments, but the question still remains - is he a willing disciple of Agent Liberty's philosophy or just a spineless politician trying to appease his more vocal (and bigoted) donors?

Whatever Happened To The Russian Supergirl Clone?

It was said early on that Supergirl season 4 would be partly based upon the classic Superman storyline Red Son, featuring a clone of Kara Zor-El who would be recruited and trained by the Russian government. Yet we've seen surprisingly little of the "Red Daughter" after an impressive debut during the Supergirl season 4 premiere. The last time the Russian Supergirl was seen was at the end of season 4, episode 4, where it was revealed how she had survived the atmosphere of Earth being filled with microscopic shards of Kryptonite. Presumably, her storyline is poised to resume following Elseworlds, where her existence is bound to raise several uncomfortable questions now that Kara has the American government questioning her loyalties.

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