Manchester Black May Be Coming To Supergirl Season 4

One of Superman's biggest baddies, Manchester Black, might appear in Supergirl season 4. Unlike the rest of The CW's superhero shows, Supergirl is still very much in the middle of its current season. Due to sharing a time slot with Legends of TomorrowSupergirl won't wrap its Reign saga until June. However, the episodes have been filmed for quite awhile and that means that plans are already well in motion for season 4.

Among the notable new additions to Supergirl season 4 is a transgender character, a first for a comic book series. Yet that ground-breaking figure is just the start of the new members of the Supergirl cast. Season 4 still needs a strong villain to follow up Reign and the series might've found one - if the latest casting breakdown is what it seems.

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That Hashtag Show has received the casting breakdown for some of the new characters joining Supergirl. While the first among them is the transgender woman named Nia Nal who is being described as a young Cat Grant, it's the other less historic characters that are the more surprising additions. According to the breakdown, Supergirl season 4 will add three characters besides Nia. Two of the trio are definite villains, while the other might be a replacement for an old Supergirl ally.

The characters are as follows:

Simply named Ben, the show is looking for a Caucasian actor in his 40s to play a businessman whose success has burned down to the ground. Blaming others for his failure and not having his back, he is now making it his life goal to correct those wrongs.

Colonel Haley is a woman in her mid to late 40s who the show is looking to cast a diverse actress for the role. Her actions make it clear that she is someone you don’t want to mess with, without her having to say a word. She is loyal to her commanding officer as well as her country by making sure she puts its best interest ahead of her own.

Season 4 is looking to add a British actor of any ethnicity in his 20s-30s in the role of Chester Green, who could bring a sword to a gun fight and yet end up victorious. He has a dark background that has now put a heavy burden on his shoulders. In missions, however, his charm is so strong that it ends up helping him avoid the brutality of the situation.

The additions of Ben and Colonel Haley are interesting but not too notable. Since season 1, Supergirl has had a ruthless businessman be a secondary antagonist. Between Maxwell Lord and Morgan Edge, this is a well-worn trope. Hopefully, Ben will be more interesting than either of the previous examples, but there's not much hope. It's a huge jump but the name Ben could be code and this will actually be Lex Luthor. The rest of the description does fit Supergirl's Lex pretty well.

Colonel Haley is also more of the same. Supergirl already had a military contact for Kara in Lucy Lane. Yet the character and her actress Jenna Dewan hasn't been seen since season 1. Haley will probably be the way Supergirl replaces Lucy, while still giving the character her own identity.

The real star of the breakdown is Chester Green, which couldn't sound more like a codename. There's even the possibility that Chester is an original character. (There are no Chester Greens in DC Comics.) Yet nearly everything else about the character description points to Manchester Black. In the comics, Manchester Black is a minor but formidable foe for Superman. A chain smoking, Union Jack wearing baddie, Manchester uses his considerable talents as a telepath and telekinetic to bend others to his will - including Superman.

The casting breakdown doesn't make mention of the powers of "Chester Green." Although the lack of superpower in the description could be because it would make things far too obvious. Chester Green being a stand-in for Manchester Black isn't exactly subtle, but it's an attempt to hide the character's real identity. Still, Chester's charm being "so strong that it ends up helping him avoid the brutality of the situation" fits Manchester to a tee, even if no powers are directly mentioned.

The time is right for Supergirl to introduce a villain like Manchester Black. With villains like Psi and other telepathic characters, Supergirl has steadily been filling the world with telepaths. It's been proven time after time that Kara's great level of strength isn't a match for someone who can get into her head. The idea of Manchester Black being season 4's big bad is perfectly in line with the series up to this point. Since season 1, Supergirl's main baddie has been an alien from another planet. It's about time that the series changes things up and just makes the villain a "regular" evil metahuman like Manchester Black.

It's true that Supergirl's track record in adapting male villains has been spotty, at best. The show is much better with female villains like Reign. If Chester Green is Manchester Black, though, he could serve as Supergirl's redemption in the male villain department, as well as be the interesting threat the series needs after the great Reign saga comes to a close.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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