Supergirl Season 3: Winn To Take On 'Leadership Role' At DEO

Supergirl supporting character Winn Schott will be taking on a “leadership role” at the DEO in season 3. This, coupled with the fact that Jeremy Jordan’s Winn moved from the media outlet CatCo to the Department of Extra-Normal Operations after season 1, begs a question: will Winn get a different job with each new season of the show? Perhaps this is Supergirl’s equivalent to The Flash having a new Harrison Wells every year.

The third season of Supergirl is sounding like a very personal affair. Melissa Benoist has teased that Kara will be “really questioning whether she’s a human or an alien and which she wants to be”, and producer Andrew Kreisberg has hinted that Kara’a friendship with Lena Luthor will “continue to growin the new batch of episodes. Meanwhile, the Maggie/Alex romance will carry on playing a role, and the location of Supergirl’s boyfriend Mon-El will act as the season’s “central mystery.”

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In season 1, Winn dealt with the drama of his super villain father, in addition to briefly falling for Kara. In season 2, he dated the alien thief Lyra, and also helped James Olsen transition into the vigilante Guardian. But what does season 3 have in store for this IT wiz/superhero supporter? Not much had been revealed prior to this, but now, speaking to CBR, Jordan offered a few clues:

Supergirl Lives Kara and Winn

“I think he’s gained a lot of confidence since Season 1. He didn’t really have any idea of what he was really capable of until he was allowed to go work at the DEO, and now he’s just living his best life [...] He loves his job, he loves the people he works with. I think he’s continuing to gain confidence. He’s taking more of a leadership role this season at the DEO. We’ll see where that takes him.”

Asked for specifics about this leadership role, Jordan teased that there will be “a couple of moments where I yell at people.” Arguably, it’s about time that Winn took his DEO career to the next level. In season 2, he progressed quickly from desk jockey to field agent, proving himself as an adept man of action (when his geeky, nervous tendencies aren’t getting the better of him).

However exciting it is for Winn to be getting some recognition and a team of lackeys to boss about, it’s also worth thinking about the connotations of this move: if Winn is moving up the DEO ladder, what does this mean for his off-the-books partnership with Guardian? It’s hard to imagine James wanting to fold into the DEO on any official level, given his successful career over at CatCo. Perhaps that’ll be a source of tension in Supergirl season 3, with Winn’s DEO progression getting in the way of his super-friendship with James.

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Supergirl season 3 premieres on The CW on Monday, October 9th.

Source: CBR

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