Supergirl Goes On a Hero's Journey in New Season 3 Trailer

The latest trailer for Supergirl's upcoming third season teases the various trials and tribulations Kara will face as she embarks on a journey.

A new trailer for the third season of Supergirl teases both the hope and devastation to come. Entering its third season, Supergirl has grown as a series alongside its protagonists. While family dynamics and questions of identity are part of every Arrowverse show, Supergirl has always put emotional relationships front and center. Thanks to this tactic, it holds a place that's unique in the superhero genre, allowing it to tackle issues of sisterhood, feminism, and coming out stories alongside plenty of sci-fi action.

With the new season of Supergirl, the status quo will once again be changed for the Girl of Steel. Thanks to the CW releasing a synopsis for a number of its premieres, we have a decent idea of how things will kick off. Kara will be both dealing with the loss of Mon-El and a new threat to National City. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie will continue their fan-favorite relationship as things move to a new level. All told, the action and emotion look to be just as interwoven as ever, and the latest trailer for the series focuses on that duality.

The CW has just released a new trailer for season 3 of Supergirl, which teases the upcoming plots of the show. In between the teases, we hear Cat Grant voice the true strength of Kara and the other women on the show. While many heroes possess incredible power, the series argues that the ability to weather emotional trauma is what makes a true champion.

Along with the uplighting elements and focus on relationships, we also see plenty of hints at the threats Kara and her friends will face this year. From alien worlds to new villains to Supergirl in peril, the stakes will continue to ratchet up even as the show finds new ways to spotlight the human side of its various characters.

On top of the new season, the characters of Supergirl will feature prominently in the upcoming Arrowvere crossover. Thanks to the reveal that it will take place on Earth-X, we know that the evil version of Kara from Freedom Fighters: The Ray will be involved. Not only will that give Melissa Benoist more to work with, but we've heard Kara and Alex will have a key role in the crossover.

As the Arrowverse continues to grow, the story possibilities advance with it. And with Supergirl factoring more and more into the plot, it may only be a matter of time before she joins the core universe.

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Season 3 of Supergirl premieres Monday, October 9 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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