Supergirl Has New Showrunners For Season 3

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Supergirl is welcoming two new showrunners for its upcoming third season, with Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner getting promoted to co-showrunners for the superhero series. The two will be sharing co-showrunning duties with series' co-creator Andrew Kreisberg.

Both Queller and Rovner joined The CW series halfway through its debut season, with the former as co-executive producer and the latter as consulting producer, respectively. Rovner has later been elevated to executive producer ahead of the second season, with Queller now also following suit. This would have them join the ranks of Kreisberg, as well as co-creator Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter as EPs of the series.

Queller and Rovner's promotion is brought about by the exit of co-creator and co-showrunner Ali Adler, as reported by Deadline. Adler, who has been one of the pioneering minds behind Supergirl has signed an overall deal with CBS TV Studios earlier this year. Despite this, she is expected to still be a consultant for the Melissa Benoist-led Arrowverse TV show.

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Prior to the announcement, the Queller and Rovner have been very prominent in a variety of videos promoting upcoming episodes for Supergirl season 2 (which could now be taken as a sign that they were being groomed to take on bigger roles for the series). Promoting Queller seems to be a logical move, with her impressive resume spanning countless years. She has worked on other successful female-driven properties like Supergirl, including Gilmore Girls, Felicity and Gossip Girl. Rovner, as it were, also has fitting experience for the job, having previously served as a showrunner and executive producer on the Grey's Anatomy's spin-off TV show, Private Practice.

Following a successful season 2 run, Supergirl beefing up the staff roster that oversees its production could be an indication that the series is ready to take its storytelling to a new level. The production for the show demands meticulous planning with its huge action set pieces and Kreisberg will definitely need all the help he can get from Queller and Rovner. We just hope, however, that this will not fall into the trap of having "too many cooks in the kitchen" as it could jeopardize the future of the show.

Although Supergirl doesn't return until this fall, Queller and Rovner's new roles on the show will be starting way earlier - as they kick things off by overseeing the production of the show's filming, later this summer.

Supergirl season 3 premieres Monday, October 9 on The CW.

Source: Deadline

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