Supergirl: Odette Annable to Play Reign in Season 3

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Supergirl ahead.]


The third season of Supergirl has found its big bad, with Odette Annable tapped to play Reign. The series may have left CBS after just one season, but quickly found a home on The CW for its second season. Supergirl will stay there for the foreseeable future and be part of the Arrowverse that has become increasingly populated in recent years. However, thanks to Kara Danvers being the hero on a different Earth, it has largely been allowed to stand on its own and delve into Kara's growth as a hero.

With season three already confirmed, the Supergirl season two finale left many aspects up in the air; whether that be the future of Mon-El or Maggie's answer to Alex's proposal it will be season three that helps answer those. However, the biggest tease in the season 2 finale was a flashback that showed another pod taking off from Krypton before it was destroyed - and now we know who is inside.

The Wrap is reporting that Odette Annable will be playing the character of Reign in season 3 and serve as the big bad throughout. Reign is one of several individuals known as Worldkillers and her younger self is all-but-confirmed to be who is inside that pod. Annable has had quite a few notable roles on past television programs like The Astronauts Club and Banshee, but also was seen in Cloverfield. As a series regular and the big bad for Supergirl's third season, expect to see a lot of her from the get go.

In the comics, Reign is leader of the Worldkillers - a group created by Kryptonians (and Kara's father) - to discover and experiment on different alien races. However, once these Worldkillers were freed, they sought out to learn of their own origin, but Krypton's destruction lead them down a path of destruction - making their name very fitting. While Reign is the leader, she is but one of five Worldkillers. One of them has never surfaced before, but Reign has previously called upon fellow members Flower of Heaven, Perrilus, and Deimax to try and defeat Supergirl.

There is no word at this point if the other Worldkillers will also be making an appearance in season 3, but it is nothing if not possible. With confirmation now here that Reign will be the big bad for season 3, the upcoming season begins to take a bit more shape. Supergirl has already fought her fair share of powerful enemies (and just recently defeated Superman as well), but having a baddie like Worldkillers will pose a brand new set of problems for the hero of National City.

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Supergirl season 3 premieres in Fall 2017.

Source: The Wrap

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