Supergirl Will Get a 'Different Suit' in Season 3

Supergirl is getting a new look in season 3 and according to star Melissa Benoist, it’s definitely “cool." Fans of the Supergirl TV show have very much taken to Benoist in the role of Kara Danvers for two seasons now and have loyally followed the series from CBS to The CW, where it now lives among the other DC TV series that are part of the so-called Arrowverse. Viewers have appreciated the show’s ongoing evolution - and it doesn't look like Supergirl is done evolving yet, either.

The show has followed Kara from her origin, finding out she is indeed a superhuman, to finding her family and kicking serious arse against a rotating door of villains. Supergirl season 2 wrapped up on a note that very much set the stage for season 3, which will premiere right after New York Comic Con this October. Certain things will remain the same on Supergirl in season 3 both onscreen and offscreen (see Kevin Smith returning to direct more episodes), but it now seems that Kara's costume may not be one of them.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Kara will continue to wear the same "super suit" in Supergirl season 3, before she gets "something new [if] not permanent" to wear later in the season. This aligns with Benoist's comments on the subject of her Supergirl wardrobe this season:

“There is a different suit that I will be wearing at some point this season, but I won’t tell you when or to what capacity. It’s cool, though.”

The hint may not seem that juicy, but reading between the lines, it might be a plot clue. Why would Kara change suits temporarily rather than just upgrading into a new suit entirely? It's possible that Kara will end be leveling up or perhaps disguising herself during one or more of her supervillain battles in season 3, including her larger fight against big bad Reign (Odette Annable). Kara looks to be tackling a villain greater than any that she’s faced before, so perhaps some enhanced armor (or something to that effect) will be called for along the way.

Kara isn't the only one who will be going through some changes (even those of simply the superficial variety) in Supergirl season 3. Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) will be taking on a "leadership role" at the DEO this season, while Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) will be in greater danger than ever of following her brother Lex to the dark side - even as Lena and Kara's friendship continues to blossom, in the meantime.

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Supergirl season 3 premieres Monday, October 9th on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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