Supergirl Battles Psi & Faces Her Fears In 'Triggers' Promo

Yael Grobglas and Melissa Benoist in Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

The trailer for the next episode of Supergirl features the villain Psi. Supergirl returned to The CW for season 3 and in the premiere showed audiences a much darker side of the hero than they are used to. Six months have gone by for the characters since the season 2 finale, and Kara had embraced her alien side, attempting to put aside her humanity in order to hold back her emotions about Mon-El. All of her friends tried in their own ways to draw her out, but in the end it was a vision of Mon-El who finally convinced her to "wake up" and resume her life.

A lot has changed for National City in the last six months. Shady real estate developer Morgan Edge has taken advantage of the devastation left behind by the Daxamites to become richer. Cat Grant has left once more - this time to be press secretary for President Olivia Marsdin. And in the last few minutes of the episode Lena Luthor revealed that she purchased CatCo in order to prevent Edge from taking over the company. Meanwhile, Mon-El's fate remains unknown, Alex and Maggie are planning their wedding, and audiences were introduced to Samantha - who is not yet the villain Reign but is beginning to realize there is more to her then she ever knew before.

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While Kara finally decided to deal with her emotions in the final moments of the season premiere, she still has a lot of healing to do. Healing that is not going to be any easier next week when she faces off with a new villain named Psi. The trailer for the episode, released by The CW, shows that Psi has the telepathic power to force people to confront their worst fears. And she uses the ability against Supergirl.

Yael Grobglas and Melissa Benoist in Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2

Psi uses her powers to rob banks, she just walks in the front door and takes what she wants while anyone who stands in her way is left cowering from whatever frightening hallucination Psi's powers gives them. Kara tries to fight her, but is also vulnerable to Psi's telepathy. Whatever it is that scares the Girl of Steel, it's powerful enough to make her helpless.

While the trailer indicates that for most people, their fears are phobia based - for example one man sees a snake - the main characters on Supergirl have experienced severe traumas and been victims of all kinds of horrible attacks and experiences. While many people would be most frightened by spiders or bats, Psi might have the ability to make J'onn see a White Martian, or to make Winn see his father.

As for Supergirl herself, there is no limit to what or who she might see. From the devastation of Krypton to the horrible villains she's faced to the loss of Mon-El - there are plenty of frightening thoughts rolling around in Supergirl's head. And especially if her greatest fear is related to Mon-El, she may be more frightened of what might have happened to him after he left Earth than she is of anything else. Kara may have started healing, but with Psi around it looks like the road back for Supergirl may be longer and more difficult than she realized.

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Supergirl continues next Monday at 8pm on The CW with 'Triggered'.

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