Supergirl Season 3 Picks Up Right Where Season 2 Ended

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David Harewood, who plays J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, in The CW hit show Supergirl, has provided fans some new intel on season 3, including the show picking up minutes after season 2 ended. Following its transfer to an arguably more suitable network, which allows it to more easily cross over other Arrowverse properties like Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the Melissa Benoist-led show has been enjoying a steady share of viewership thanks to its elevated and engaging storytelling as proven by its great sophomore outing.

There were a lot of questions left unanswered by the season 2 finale, 'Nevertheless, She  Persisted'.  Following Kara's successful mission to save the Earth again -- this time with a little bit more help from her friends -- a slew of other events rolled out including Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie's (Floriana Lima) supposed engagement, Mon-El's setting off to deep space, and thanks to a wormhole flashback, it seems like another Kryptonian alien is lurking around waiting to be found.

Talking to during San Diego Comic-Con, Harewood shared that fans won't have to wonder what the immediate impact of last season's epic finale will be, as the new installment will pick up mere moments after the previous season ended:

"It's the start of another long season, and I think that lots of stories are going to unfold as we go on. Season 3 picks up minutes later, just after season 2 ended, so you don't have this whole enormous leap you're going to have to make. I think we're all about to go on another season's long crazy journey."

Adding to her castmate's revelation, Benoist says that the tough decision that had to be made to save Mon-El's life will definitely weight on Kara's shoulders come season 3.

"The tone is definitely different this season. Obviously things were not so great for Kara at the end of season 2, having to send Mon-El (Chris Wood) into we don't know where. He went into a chasm in space. But it's definitely going to affect her."

Despite their relationship getting off to a rocky start, Kara and Mon-El eventually developed an unusual friendship. Fueled by their mutual admiration for each other, the two ultimately got into romantic territory until circumstances forced them apart. Given Benoist and Wood's undeniable chemistry, it would be great to see their dynamic develop more moving forward. The show's new showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner have previously teased details about Mon-El's disappearance and, we presume, imminent return.

Another thing to look forward to in Supergirl season 3 is the return of  Queen of all Media Cat Grant (Callista Flockhart) as she reclaims her position at CatCo by the end of last season as a recurring cast member (but will certainly be in the upcoming installment's primer).

Supergirl season 3 premieres Monday, October 9 @8pm on The CW.


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