Supergirl Season 2: Parasite Confirmed to Return

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Fans are impatiently waiting to return to the DCEU television world after a winter hiatus. The CW's four DC shows approached their finales on a high note with crossover special Invasion!, so now it's time to see what's next for each standalone cast of characters. For Supergirl, that means a Kevin Smith-directed season 2.5 premiere, as the fanboy director tackles yet another DC title.

The midseason premiere will see Kara and Mon-El tackle a new world of foes, while Alex navigates dutiful sisterhood and her new relationship. After that, we can expect to see reappearances from a season 1 villain and some recent antagonists, plus the show's much-anticipated musical crossover with The Flash. Beyond that, we don't know too many specifics about the show's upcoming episodes, but a recent report teases some key details.

In their weekly Spoiler Room report, EW confirmed that key season 2 villain Parasite will return for Supergirl Episode 13. Parasite/Rudy Jones, played by TV vet William Mapother, is an global warming activist who unfortunately has been infected by an alien parasite. The show introduced us to Parasite early in season two, in which he nearly kills J'onn and temporarily drains J'onn and Kara of their powers. That was the first time Supergirl got an assist from new hero Guardian, Winn and James' secret vigilante project.

When Supergirl saw its midseason finale, Kara had yet to find out about her best friends' new identity, but EW reveals that's about to change - and Kara will have a big reaction. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg:

"I think that James was right to not tell her...He pretty accurately guessed her reaction to it, but what I think is interesting is while her reaction is explosive, it’s also one of out of concern and love. She loves James and Winn and when she does find out, she’s worried for her friends’ safety."

Supergirl Changing Review
William Mapother, left, as Rudy Jones in "Changing."

Parasite's reappearance around episode 13 of season 2 is especially interesting, since, according to rumor, that's potentially when the musical crossover will occur. We already know that Kara and Barry will be battling Music Meister, who can (fittingly) manipulate people through song. What remains, then, is where exactly Parasite could fit into the musical arc. This news either means that the musical episode will not be Episode 13, or that Parasite is in for some interesting changes of his own. It's also great to get confirmation that Kara will finally find out about Guardian sooner rather than later.

While a compelling aspect of Parasite is his ability to drain powers, let's hope the villain is coming back for a meatier confrontation. The midseason premiere will already see Kara drained of her powers, marking the third time the show will integrate that into its plot. While a semi-mortal Kara certainly makes for a compelling watch, given her tenacity and Messiah complex, it would be a bit lazy to see the device come around for a fourth go before the second season's end.

Fans are ecstatic to see this beloved show return, and Supergirl has been praised for its thoughtful and personal character-focused arcs. As long as the show manages to use its repeat villains in new and interesting ways, things should stay fresh for its sophomore season.

Supergirl season 2 returns with ‘Supergirl Lives’ Monday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: EW

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