Supergirl Will Give ‘Definitive Answers’ to Season 2 Mysteries

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Moving from CBS to The CW for season 2 has certainly not slowed Supergirl down. Crossovers with the rest of the Arrowverse shows are easier, and the show has easily settled into its groove this year.

So far in season 2, Kara has begun her career as a reporter, the DEO has moved into a swanky office, Cat Grant left James Olsen in charge of CatCo, Winn left his job to work for the DEO, Superman came to visit and left with the DEO's entire kryptonite supply - and that was only in the first two episodes. Since then, James began moonlighting as a vigilante with Winn's help and Alex came out, starting a relationship with detective Maggie Sawyer. And, in the midseason finale, Kara seemingly defeated the leader of Cadmus with the help of Lena Luthor, and Mon-El was revealed to be keeping multiple secrets.

Supergirl executive producer Ali Adler spoke to TVLine about the still dangling storylines.

"A lot of secrets have been brewing this season... We’ll get definitive answers in the back half. For starters, we’ll find out what Mon-El is hiding, and why he claims not to remember that almost unsatisfying kiss he shared with Kara. We’ll explore more of that relationship. Kara still has to figure out how she feels about him."

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There are aliens who are coming to earth specifically to find Mon-El, something the audience knows but his new friends do not. One popular theory is that Mon-El was not a servant to the Prince of Daxam like he claimed, but is instead the Prince himself. And of course, who he is and why he's in danger is not the only story the upcoming episodes will tie up. According to Adler, Alex and Maggie will have new "complications" in their relationship. And Kara's friendship with Lena will continue, now that Lena has proven herself to be different from the rest of the Luthors.

Winn, who is the only member of the main cast still sitting behind a desk while everyone else is out fighting will learn "what it means to be a hero" and "gets a little taste of love." That's nice to hear, after he spent most of season 1 pining for Kara, Winn ended up in a romantic relationship that ended when his girlfriend became the villain Silver Banshee.

Finally, a host of villains will be showing to plague our heroes, both old and new. Joining returning favorites Metallo and Livewire are numerous new villains, including the previously announced Mr. Mxyzptlk. About him Adler said: "He’s a really funny character, and we’re going to get a lot of that humor." So, it seems those behind Supergirl have plenty in store for fans when the show returns later this month.

Supergirl season two returns to The CW on January 23 at 8 p.m.

Source: TVLine

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