Supergirl Season 2: New Characters to Include Lex Luthor's Sister

Supergirl season 2 moving to The CW?

From the start, the upbeat superheroics meets office soap-dramedy of Supergirl like it belonged on a youth-targeted network like The CW rather than on traditional-minded CBS, where season 1 aired. Such a change in its home-base is exactly what's happening for Supergirl season 2, coming as a relief for fans eager to learn what happens next on the now CW-based series after the cliffhanger ending to the season 1 finale.

Season 2 of Supergirl gearing up to add a bevy of new characters, including a proper appearance by Kara Zor-El/Danver's (Melissa Benoist) famous cousin. It's also now being reported that Lex Luthor's sister will be among the additional characters who join the show's ensemble in the episodes that lie ahead.

The character mentioned before is known as "Lena Luthor" and will be presented as the younger sibling of the already-existing adult nemesis of Superman (who has himself been confirmed to fully appear onscreen in the first two episodes of Supergirl season 2). Lena Luthor is described thusly by TVLine:

"Lena Luthor, who will be in the 25-35 year old range, arrives in town to get out from under the shadow of her infamous brother. She’s described as sexy and smart and determined to get what she wants. But what does she want? That remains unclear."

Supergirl season 2 to introduce Lena Luthor

Lena Luthor shares a name with at least three different characters from DC Comics continuity; though it's unclear if Supergirl's version will be based in part or at all on any of them. In the "Pre-Crisis" era, Lena Luthor was a woman who was raised to believed she was "Lena Thorul" after Lex Luthor's family had abandoned him and changed their name because of his villainous reputation. That Lena had psychic powers, and both Superman and Lex himself worked to keep her for learning her true origins. In the "Post-Crisis" era (where the original Lena Luthor now never existed), Lex Luthor had a sister named Lena who was killed by their abusive foster father and later gives his daughter her name. This Lena Luthor eventually becomes an ally of a time-traveling future version of Brainiac. A new version of the original (sibling) Lena has since re-emerged in the post-Infinite Crisis era.

The character, who has not yet been officially cast, joins as expanding new roster of characters that will include "brash leading man" Nick Farrow (described as "the son of a famous reporter") a female head of Project Cadmus currently referred to only as "The Doctor," a veteran newsman placed in charge of CatCo's new "old school" news division named Snapper Carr (also the name of the Silver Age Justice League's boy mascot) and an "out and proud" lesbian detective named Maggie (believed to be based on DC Comics mainstay and onetime Batwoman love-interest) working for a mysterious outfit known as The Science Police.

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Supergirl season 2 will air at 8pm Mondays on The CW in Fall 2016, The Flash will air in the same timeslot on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays.

Source: TVLine

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