Supergirl Season 2.5 Premiere Photos: Kevin Smith Directs Kara & Co.

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A lot has changed both onscreen and off for Supergirl in season 2. The series has shifted to The CW and the DEO set moved from a cave to a building. Winn now works for the DEO, Alex has come out as gay and started her first relationship with a woman, James is now running CatCo, and moonlighting as a vigilante, and Kara is no longer Cat Grant's assistant, she's now a reporter with a new boss, Snapper Carr, who she just can't seem to impress. She also has new responsibilities with the DEO, helping her alien friend Mon-El adjust to life on Earth. However, both Kara and Mon-El are going to have to adjust to a new location in this month's midseason premiere.

The season 2.5 premiere, 'Supergirl Lives' is directed by Kevin Smith. Smith, a writer, director, and die-hard comic book fan, has already directed two episodes of The Flash for The CW, including this season's 'Killer Frost'. Smith's co-written several comics for DC, as well as a script draft for Superman Lives, which Tim Burton planned on directing back in the 1990s until the project fell apart. He even named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, after the Joker's sometimes girlfriend. Superheroes are clearly well within his area of expertise.

'Supergirl Lives' is largely set on the distant planet Slaver's Moon, according to the official synopsis. Kara and Mon-El find themselves trapped on Slaver's Moon with no powers, owing to the red sun. There they face an old enemy, Roulette, previously seen in the episode 'Survivors' running an underground alien fight club. On Slaver's Moon, she appears to be up to her old tricks using aliens for slave labor. You can check out both images and behind the scenes photos from 'Supergirl Lives' (via SpoilerTV), in the gallery below.

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The pictures also show Winn suiting up to go in the field for the first time. A computer expert, Winn generally does not get involved in physical fights and he usually needs rescuing when he does get caught in the crossfire. Winn going out in the field is certainly a new development for the character and we can see he's joined by Alex in 'Supergirl Lives', with both presumably being part of Kara and Mon-El's rescue team.

A couple of the photos here also show a blonde girl, played by none other than Smith's daughter Harley, who is guest-starring in the episode. Harley Quinn Smith has been acting in her father's films since she was a baby, most recently as one of the stars of the horror comedy Yoga Hosers. There are also multiple behind the scenes pictures showing Smith both hard at work directing, and hardly able to contain his joy at getting to be a part of Supergirl.

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Supergirl returns to The CW with 'Supergirl Lives' on Monday, January 23.

Source: SpoilerTV

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