Supergirl: Kevin Smith Teases 'Amazing' Season 1 Finale

There are only two episodes remaining of Supergirl season 1, and after several episodes of fighting off both human and alien enemies, Kara (Melissa Benoist) is set for her biggest showdown yet. While renewal is likely for the freshman series, bolstered by the recent ratings boost of The Flash crossover, it's not yet been officially announced. Showrunners/creators Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, and Andrew Kreisberg will be hoping a well-received end to season 1 will help confirm that there will, in fact, be a season 2.

Speaking of The Flash, well-known writer/director and comic book geek Kevin Smith directed episode 21 of that DC Comics-based TV series' second season, which will air this May. The show shares many of the same creative team as Supergirl, so while on set, the man known for telling great behind-the-scenes stories picked up some inside information.

According to Cinema Blend, Smith heard about future collaborations between the DC hero shows as well as a big revelation about Supergirl's big finale episode:

"But they were talking about the crossover in a way that it was the first of many, and they told me something that I'm not going to f**king share because it will ruin the end of the season for you, but it is amazing. Something's happening that will affect Supergirl in such a great way that, you think it's like cute puppies and f**king kittens now? You are going to cry when you see how beautiful this f**king thing is."

The official synopsis for the Supergirl season-ender "Better Angels" has Kara battling an "unexpected foe" when she goes up against her aunt Astra's husband Non (Chris Vance) and supercomputer alien Indigo (Laura Vandervoort). We've already seen that Astra (Laura Benanti) and Non's plans for "saving the planet" involved killing a lot of people, and with the more sympathetic Astra gone, Non's violent tendencies now go unchecked. Supergirl will have to "risk everything -- including her life" to stop him.

While Supergirl has had some flaws in its first season, the series often excels at creating powerfully emotional scenes. These often center on Kara's lost family and her current one, and how each have meant so much to the hero she is trying to become. Images from the episode include what looks like a heart-to-heart between Kara, adoptive mom Eliza (Helen Slater) and sister Alex (Chyler Leight), plus a touching moment between Supergirl and father figure Hank Henshaw (David Harewood). While the the "beautiful" revelation Smith raved about could have something to do with saving the world, it's also a good bet we'll get some intense moments with Kara's loved ones. Hopefully it will live up to the "cute puppies and kittens" hype we've been promised.

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Supergirl season 1 will continue with ‘Myriad’ on April 11th, 2016 on CBS. The finale 'Better Angels' airs the following week on April 18.

Source: Cinema Blend

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