Supergirl to Introduce Bizarro In Season 1

Bizarro Coming to Supergirl

DC Comics has been laying an extensive groundwork on television as of late, between Arrow and The Flash on CW (with DC's Legends of Tomorrow about to debut) and Supergirl over on CBS. The various series are all on hiatus for the holidays currently, but in just a few short weeks Supergirl will return and Kara Danvers/Zor -El (Melissa Benoist) will be back defending National City from a host of evil rogues thanks to the full-season pickup that the series received from CBS.

There are a number of cool villains still slated for season one of Supergirl, including Toyman and more Silver Banshee. Supergirl Executive producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg revealed on Kevin Smith's Fat Man on Batman podcast that a huge villain from Superman lore is about to debut on the series: Bizarro.

While talking in-depth about the current state of DC Comics television shows (Arrow to Supergirl and everything inbetween) with Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin during a recent episode of the popular Fat Man on Batman podcast, Andrew Kreisberg briefly revealed that Bizarro is forthcoming as a villain on the series. The exact quote from the podcast was:

"We've got the Toyman coming up, we got Bizarro."

Bizarro has a rich history as a Superman villain, reaching back to the Silver Age of comic books. The debut of the character came in the pages of Superboy #68 back in 1958. Bizarro is often portrayed as a twisted mirror opposite of Superman, talking in opposites and sometimes featuring opposite powers of the savior of Metropolis. Next to Lex Luthor, Bizarro is one of the more prolific and fan-favorite Superman rogues, having been featured in a number of cartoons, television shows, comics and toys and video games.

Bizarro is coming to Supergirl

The question remains exactly which version of the twisted mirror of Superman will appear. There have been multiple versions of the character, including a Bizarro Supergirl. The modern Bizarro-Girl was created back in 2010 in the pages of Supergirl. This backwards cousin of Bizarro resides on Htrae (Earth spelled backwards). The menacing monster's powers are the opposite of Supergirl, so she has rock vision to counteract Supergirl's X-ray vision, freezing her in stone.

The important key of the Bizarro characters is that they are often just scared or confused and don't mean to be causing all of the trouble that they are involved in. It's in their nature to be the antithesis of the heroes they mirror, so often with some coaxing and help they can manage to use their powers for good and situations with them can be resolved by heroes without maximum violence.

Supergirl is most definitely about Kara, and the series is already planning to include more female villains throughout the rest of season one. It is certainly possible that we'll see Bizarro-girl instead of the traditional male Bizarro. The show runners take the lore of these DC characters quite seriously, so undoubtedly whichever version we see will do justice to the idea of the villain.

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Supergirl will return to CBS on January 4, 2016 @8pm.

Source: Fatman on Batman Podcast [via CBM]

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