Supergirl Reveals CW's Young Lex Luthor

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The CW's Supergirl has steadily introduced familiar characters as season two progresses. We've learned a great deal more about the J'onn J'onzz, have seen Mon-El in action, and we've slowly been meeting members of the infamous Luthor family. The sinister family behind Supergirl's L-Corp, formerly Luthor Corp, has been undergoing a re-branding of sorts with its most famous face locked up.

Yet for all the hard work Lena has put into cleaning up her family name, it has begun to unravel at the hands of her mother, Lillian. The villainous matriarch has been going darker and darker, and in "Luthors," her escape during and subsequent framing of Lena for stealing the kryptonite and aiding and abetting Lillian.

Now that Lena knows she's a Luthor by blood and not just adopted, there's a lot to come to terms with; especially with her brother. Lex's war suit was revealed last week, and in flashbacks in this episode, Lex himself is revealed. The CW (h/t to CB) shows a young Lex playing chess and he and Lena's first introduction. This short scene contains some pretty big implications regarding Checkmate and hint at grown up Lex Luthor definitely making an appearance on the series.

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Originally called The Agency and founded by Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller, the clandestine organization was renamed Checkmate when Harry Stein took over. If the chess board has any real significance to Supergirl, the origins of the organization have ties to Arrow. Harry Stein (no relation to Professor Martin Stein) is a detective who made it his mission to bring down Vigilante/Adrian Chase. The series is most notorious of all the DCTV properties for its easter eggs.

Speculation aside, in addition to confirmation of Lex Luthor in the Supergirl universe, the events of "Luthors" also reiterates comments made by Brenda Strong about the role of Lillian. She's the type of villain who believes they're doing things for the right reasons. Her "mamma bear instinct" and laser focus on her personal agenda could mean there's a family reunion in the near future.

Now that fans have seen a calm, well-mannered young Lex, what does the currently imprisoned Lex have in store for National City? The mid-season finale is titled "Homecoming," and could finally bring one of the most famous big bads in DC history to the small screen once again. Or is Supergirl teasing all of us and setting Lena Luthor up to be the (evil) future of the Luthor family name?

Supergirl airs Mondays on the CW.

Source: CB

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