Supergirl: Iddo Goldberg Cast as T.O. Morrow & Red Tornado

Red Tornado to appear on Supergirl season 1

With Supergirl set to debut soon, there's still plenty of time left to speculate about the direction of the show and its characters. One source of heavy speculation is the super-powered android Red Tornado.

Why would a character that many fans know as a hero in the comic books be featured on Supergirl as a villain? Well, some recent casting news may have just dropped a huge clue about the formidable android's role in the series.

According to, actor Iddo Goldberg (Salem, Peaky Blinders) will join the upcoming CBS series as Red Tornado. Here's the kicker: Goldberg is also cast in the role of Tornado's creator, Dr. T.O. Morrow. A summary provided by Warner Bros. Television explains that Morrow created Red Tornado for the U.S. Army as the "ultimate super weapon." However, the android became self-aware and is now beyond anyone's control; this makes him a tremendous threat to National City, which happens to be the stomping ground of Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl.

This turn of events would suggest that Kara teams up with the Army to put a stop to a potentially dangerous Red Tornado. And perhaps that's exactly how things will play out... at first. But there are  reasons to believe events might shake out slightly differently. One of the main reasons is the decision to cast Goldberg as both Dr. Morrow and Red Tornado. Red Tornado is recognized as a DC hero, but Dr. Morrow is very much a villainous character. Letting Goldberg play both roles almost suggests the pair are two sides of the same coin - one good and one bad.

Iddo Goldberg in Peaky Blinders
Iddo Goldberg in 'Peaky Blinders'

As the inventor of Red Tornado, it could be that a narcissistic Morrow set out to create a perfect version of himself. Red Tornado's rebellion could be the blow to his ego that sets him off, leading Morrow down the path toward becoming a major villain. Meanwhile, it's hoped Red Tornado finds common ground with Supergirl. Given the ongoing trend of heroes fighting heroes, this probably won't be until after we witness at least one spectacular fight between the two of them. Afterwards, the two might realize that they have common enemies (like Dr. Morrow) and decide it's better to work with rather than against one another.

This wouldn't exactly be the freshest take on heroic alliances, but it might be preferable to a DC television universe where Red Tornado plays the villain rather than the hero. The idea that the character may be completely unlike his comic book counterpart is something of a worry. Some fans have even speculated that the reason Iddo Goldberg will be playing both Dr. Morrow and Red Tornado is that the characters will be fused together somehow.

It's hard to say what's in store for Supergirl viewers at this point, but hopefully what shakes out is something DC fans will enjoy. With so many theories about exactly what's going to happen with Morrow/Red Tornado, feel free to add your own. What do you think will happen with these characters?

Supergirl will premiere Monday, October 26 at 8:30 pm EST. It is set to air at 8 pm EST on Monday night thereafter.


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