New Supergirl Promo Shows Livewire in Action

In the wake of the horrendous Paris attacks, Supergirl fans won’t find her battling an unknown terrorist threat to National City. The network’s tactful decision to move the episode will mix things up a little, though. After the recent high-profile visit from her famous cousin helped her escape his superhero shadow, the next episode brings a new villain and blast from the DC Universe’s past.

Due to the changeup, Thanksgiving comes early for Kara Danvers this year. And it won’t be a relaxed affair, unfortunately. The guest list includes her disapproving foster mother, Dr. Eliza Danvers and a new threat from freshly minted villain, Livewire (Brit Morgan from True Blood).

Part of Supergirl’s conflict on the show involves her reluctance to use her superpowers. Now that she’s finally accepted her abilities, the arrival of Kara's adoptive mother brings renewed doubt, since Dr. Danvers doesn’t approve of her superhero status. The holiday spirit won’t fall well on former CatCo employee Leslie Willis, either, as an accident turns her from a downtrodden employee into electrified supervillain Livewire.

Supergirl Livewire screenshot

The trailer gives the first live-action glimpse of the charged-up supervillain as she rails against her former boss, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) and naturally goes after do-gooder Supergirl. The promo also gives a few glimpses of upcoming Kara Zor-El brawling baddie Red Tornado in the upcoming episode 'Red Faced,' as well as another unknown foe. Fans will also recognize Supergirl’s foster mother, Helen Slater, as none other than Kara Zor-El from the 1984 Supergirl movie.

Livewire’s visit further connects the DC Universe and adds another entertaining villain from the pantheon. Her shocking blue-white hair and volatile nature have already given her a cult status with fans and will likely resonate with the show’s core audience. The decision to bring in Helen Slater is also a fun nod to the 1984 film and a perfect way to contrast the female empowerment of the new series with the campy, less-than-politically correct elements of the movie.

Although Helen Slater as Dr. Danvers has a recurring role, it’s unknown whether Livewire will be a regular on the show. Perhaps her reception, popularity as a character, and the continued success of the show will find the shocking supervillain returning to battle Supergirl and even crossing over to other DC realms like Arrow and The Flash.

Supergirl will air the ‘Livewire’ episode on November 16, 2015, @ 8:00 PM on CBS

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