Supergirl Poster Reveals Mon-El’s Comic Book Accurate Costume

When Chris Wood’s Mon-El first suited up alongside the Legion of Superheroes earlier in season 3 of Supergirl, his costume left something to be desired for some fans. That now looks to be rectified as Mon-El’s more familiar red costume is set to make its debut on an upcoming episode of the series. Although an image from the episode has already made its way online, The CW has seen fit to deliver a poster with Mon-El in all his red-suited glory. 

The look of comic book costumes rendered in live action is always a point of contention for fans. Though more faithful versions of the duds worn by popular heroes have been delivered in recent years, there’s still the odd character here or there who is seemingly handed the default black leather suit, like it’s still 2000 and X-Men is the only superhero game in town. That certainly seemed to be the fate of Mon-El and some of his fellow Legion teammates, but after Supergirl went on an extended hiatus, it would seem Mon-El used that time to ask his tailor to bring a little color into his life. 

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The cosmetic change is more than just a brighter color (though the red looks darker on the poster than it appears in the image from the episode), it’s an entirely new costume. Mon-El’s initial outfit looked like something a weekend warrior would wear taking their motorcycle out for a leisurely spin on a Sunday afternoon. The black jacket and pants combo was very X-Men, but the hero has apparently seen the light and embraced not only the onesie, but also the cape — just to keep the fans happy. 

The one-piece suit and cape is not only much more reminiscent of his comics costume, but it more closely resembles the suit worn by Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), especially the epaulets holding the cape on his shoulders. There is even an empty chest shield that, admittedly, is also on the character’s other costume, but seems to stand out more with the brighter color. There are a few other flourishes that are common to superhero costumes of today, like the textured pattern on the fabric itself, and the two-tone color change on his legs. Other than that, the outfit looks remarkably like its comic book counterpart. 

Whether or not Mon-El’s new duds will help him in the fight against Reign and the other worldkillers is anyone’s guess, but if you’ve got to go into battle against a super-powerful enemy, you might as well look good doing it. 

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Supergirl continues Monday with ‘In Search of Lost Time’ @8pm on The CW. 

Source: The CW

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