Supergirl: Kara Becomes a Superhero in Seven New Clips From the Pilot

Next week Supergirl lands on CBS and its premiere is notable for a couple of reasons: one, it's the first superhero show (of this most recent generation, anyhow) starring a woman in the lead; and two, many have already seen the Supergirl premiere thanks to the entire episode leaking online earlier this year. Still, there's a large portion of Supergirl's target audience who aren't likely to track down pirated shows and for them the premiere is brand new. Plus, as can be the case from time to time, the Supergirl leak actually garnered the series some good buzz.

With their pilot already out of the bag, CBS clearly sees no reason to hold back, which explains why the network has now released not one, not two, but seven clips from the premiere episode to entice viewers to tune in. The first clip (above) works the best as a teaser of what's to come, providing a montage of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) pulling her Supergirl act together while assembling her costumed look.

The rest of the clips (found below) begin sharing more of the episode's plot, so if you'd prefer to remain in the dark about what Supergirl's premiere is all about, tread carefully. Unfortunately for international Supergirl fans, the clips are only available to view in the U.S.

The Supergirl pilot isn't flawless, as we've previously noted, but the foundation it sets for the series is solid. Within the span of its pilot, Kara's motivations for choosing a superhero life are established and she's put on that path by the episode's end. Much like The Flash (which Supergirl is also emulating in tone), this series is interested in getting Kara out in field, where she'll learn what it means to be a hero one hurdle at a time.

Also, those expecting Supergirl to follow along with the continuity of Man of Steel, prepare to be disappointed. If its lighter, cheerier tone and brighter aesthetic didn't already give it away, Supergirl is following in the footsteps of the Christoper Reeves Superman films, offering a counter-point to the DCEU's darker and moodier portrayal of its heroes.

Are you looking forward to Supergirl's premiere? Does its breezier tone appeal to you or were you hoping Supergirl was a grittier adaptation? Drop us a line the comments below!

Supergirl premieres on CBS at 8:30 p.m. EST on October 26th, 2015. It will air at 8 p.m. EST on Mondays thereafter.

Source: CBS

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