There's No New Supergirl Episode This Week - Here's Why

There will be no new episode of Supergirl this week - on Sunday, February 10. The popular CW series is currently on a two-week hiatus. It did not have a new episode last week either, because of the 2019 Super Bowl, and it won't have a new episode this coming week because of the 2019 Grammy Awards. When Supergirl returned following its winter hiatus, it only aired two new episodes before going on its current break. Despite this, those two episodes brought about some major changes that have shifted the status quo of the series in a big way.

One of these changes was that Kara Danvers revealed her secret identity to Nia Nul, who has embraced her precognitive superpowers and adopted a costume to become the superhero Dreamer. The biggest change of all, though, is that Alex Danvers had all of her memories Kara being Supergirl wiped in order to protect her identity. Kara hated the idea of Alex wiping her memory, especially since, without the memories of having grown up with an alien refugee to teach her empathy, Alex started to become an agent much more in-line with the current DEO policy that views all aliens with suspicion.

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There's clearly a lot to unpack when Supergirl returns from its two-week hiatus on Sunday, February 17. Since CBS is a part owner of The CW and airs both the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards, it makes sense for the network to want Supergirl (and other CW shows on Sundays) to take a break while those programs air.

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When Supergirl returns on February 17, Kara will find herself butting heads with her sister and the DEO yet again, in the episode "Menagerie".  In an attempt to get her mind off of Alex's changing personality, Kara will partner with J'onn J'onzz (who recently got his private investigator's license) and offer to help him with his newest case. Unfortunately, that case involves a woman called Menagerie with strange powers and a symbiotic suit, who is also the target of Alex's current mission for the DEO.

The following Supergirl episode is titled "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and The American Way?" Comic book fans will recognize this as the title of Action Comics #775 - the book which introduced the character of Manchester Black and his superhero team, the Elite. Given that Manchester Black was introduced earlier in Supergirl season 4 and that Menagerie was part of the Elite, it seems likely that the episode will see this team start to come together and pay tribute to this classic Superman story, which was also adapted into the animated film Superman vs. The Elite.

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Supergirl season 4 returns on February 17 on The CW.

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